What makes a runner an elite runner

Running: how to exercise properly

Tips for beginners

"Even as a beginner, I would set myself a goal and try to register for a small competition. That might sound tough, but it doesn't have to be 'big'. Maybe a company run that you do together with your work colleagues? Or a 10- A kilometer run nearby? That sounds like ambitious goals for beginners, but it creates a certain commitment that motivates. Because after the competition everyone is a king and feels that way. Running is especially in our time when you are has numerous appointments and many are looking for an uncomplicated sport, the perfect tool. You can run anytime, anytime. You don't need a sports facility, no fixed times, no major preparation or long journeys. Put on your shoes and get out of the front door - you're on top of the Training course. "

The benefits of running

"Running is the most natural, the most basic of all forms of movement. We humans have always run. Whether for hunting or to get somewhere. And anyone who has started running will quickly notice that this basic need is anchored in all of us. It offers the chance for a perfect workout, gets our cardiovascular system going and helps us to burn more energy even when we are not exercising. And I also claim that running actually extends life and keeps you young. Sure, too other sports have this effect, but running in the fresh air in particular is also visually noticeable. Runners often simply look healthier. "


"You have to overcome yourself again and again. And it's not as if every run is always fun in all weathers. Sometimes the kilometers just don't want to go by. But it is precisely because of this temporary monotony that running becomes something special and particularly valuable Anyone who has managed to raise their level of training to the point where they can run ten kilometers in a row without being exhausted knows what I'm talking about: At a certain point while running, your head switches off and you just run For example, during the first few kilometers I often think of the tasks that lie ahead of me professionally or privately. At some point, however, I switch off completely and at the end of the run don't even know what I was thinking of or even where I ran at all . That is pure freedom, that is total relaxation. And that is exactly what gives me strength for everything that comes after the training. And for everyone who is not so keen on it have: With the Nike app everyone can also put the perfect Spotify playlist on their ears or, best of all, run with friends, like we do at the Nike + Run Club. "

For advanced users: refreshing the running routine

"In fact, most people are creatures of habit: They like to run the same route at the same pace. Unfortunately, that actually leads to a certain monotony and also means that they don't get any better. But: Nothing is more motivating than one's own progress. Hence you should try new routes more often and also play at your own pace. A simple form of training for a special type of interval training is the driving game. Run the first ten minutes of your training a little slower than usual. Then you orientate yourself on landmarks and walk between these markings A little faster. What is important is the division of force, which means that you can continue to run after the landmark and don't have to walk. Specifically: The pace is increased to the park bench, which I see there about 300 meters away, then again more easily until breathing normalizes, then maybe up to the big tree there in 200 meters again eller. Anyone who manages to integrate such a driving game into their training program in addition to their endurance runs - for example: 1 to 2 times endurance run plus one driving game per week), will be delighted with their own performance leaps. Running fast is a lot of fun and your own pace improves quickly. "

Jan Fitschen during Nike training

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Short, intense training sessions VS. longer, more permanent units?

"The combination of both is the key to success. With long, permanent units you lay the foundation and with the short, intensive units you set the top stimuli. Those who only train at high intensity will injure themselves. Those who only do basic runs do not develop further Endurance runs and hard programs like the driving game described above are a great combination. I am also a big fan of versatile training: Basic endurance can be improved, for example, on a bike or while swimming. A crisp studio workout that challenges the body enormously, as a supplement is as effective as a fast running workout. "

The right running clothes

"The most important thing for a good running experience are optimal shoes. You should seek advice here, because there is not one perfect shoe that fits everyone. Every runner is different, runs differently and has special preferences. My favorite shoe at the moment is the Nike Lunar Epic . It adapts perfectly to the foot and the sole has a completely new cushioning system, so that every surface feels like wonderful forest floor. Additional equipment such as breathable functional clothing that is comfortable on the skin also ensures a good running feeling. Running tights have the advantage that they support movement through their fit. They fit like a second skin and can therefore provide optimum warmth and important breathability even with very thin and light materials. The Nike Power Speed ​​Tight also offers support and blood circulation for the essential muscle parts of the legs, so you can run easier, faster and recover sser. "

Find motivation

"I like to draw parallels between running and the rest of life. For example, in addition to professional sport, I also studied physics and then economics. It was extremely tough at times and, as with many successful races, at times during my studies I didn't know whether I would Nevertheless it worked. For example with the salami tactic: I have my big goal in the back of my mind, regardless of whether it is a professional, private or sporting goal, because this goal is often incredibly far away and incredibly difficult to achieve I am approaching it step by step. Can I imagine running 42 kilometers through the capital at almost 20 km / h at the start line of the Berlin Marathon? No, I can't. No matter how good the training was before, You can't simulate a race like that, but I know that I can run ten kilometers at 20 km / h, the next 20 as well, etc. And when I've done that, I'll get it e the last 12, too. "

Training with Nike

"It's very simple: We organize the Nike + Run Club (NRC) in Berlin. It's a team that you can register for free of charge. In all major cities around the world. I'm the head coach for Berlin and manage with mine Team five different trainings per week. The special thing is that we offer a lot of different tempo groups for every single session, so everyone, whether beginner or almost professional, can run with us. Just drop by nike.com/Berlin and have ours there View the program. You can also take part in our training program outside of Berlin using the Nike + app. "