Assassinations Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone

Death in DallasThe murder at John F. kennedy

When John F. Kennedy got off the plane on November 22, 1963 and began the journey through Dallas in his open car, no one suspected that the world would be holding its breath a few minutes later.

When Lee Harvey Oswald carried out the assassination attempt on the 35th President of the United States of America, he created a riddle that has not yet been fully clarified: Did he act alone? Are American authorities involved in the attack? What role do the "Cubans in exile" play in the attack on the president? And why was Oswald himself shot shortly afterwards?

Politically, John F. Kennedy's tenure, which lasted only 1036 days, is rather insignificant. His image in the world is in stark contrast to this: Kennedy is considered a smart representative of a modern, aspiring and changing society.

"You have to bear in mind that Kennedy was actually not a particularly successful politician."
Winfried Fluck, former head of the John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies at the Free University of Berlin

Our picture above shows mourners on November 25, 1963 on the - specially renamed - John-F.-Kennedy-Platz in front of the Schöneberg Town Hall in Berlin, where the American President gave his speech on June 26 of the same year with the now famous sentence "Ich am a Berliner "held.

JFK: External impact vs. actual importance

The reality of American domestic politics, however, is very different: Despite the support of the American civil rights movement, racial discrimination is not diminishing. In addition, Kennedy is considered a representative of unilateralism. He bypasses NATO partners during the Cuban Missile Crisis and is very skeptical of the Federal Republic.

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