What is the use of live broadcast apps

7 Live Streaming App Alternatives to Facebook Live

Live streaming offers a direct line to your viewers. You can react to comments at any time and thus interact with your viewers. The video will still be available in your YouTube account after the recording.

Step by step with Youtube Live:

  1. Confirm YouTube channel - the official live streaming is only available to confirmed accounts
  2. Activate the live streaming function in the Creator Studio
  3. Go live directly in the browser via “Start now” or create an event
  4. Videos are then saved on the channel
In addition to the browser, Youtube Live can also be used directly in the app.


The Periscope app comes from Twitter and is one of the first live streaming applications. The app is therefore very closely linked to Twitter, so that when you start your live stream, you can share it directly on Twitter. You can also start a live stream from the Twitter app with one click.

Periscope can only be used as an iOS and Android app for streaming. There is a web application for this, but it can only be used to view, comment and like live videos. You can also follow other accounts and block users.

Twitter and Periscope are used as news channels by companies and in politics. As an example, the CSU uses Periscope to publish an interview before its party executive committee meeting.


The next app is called YouNow and is mainly used by younger users. A stream can be set up on the computer as well as on the tablet and smartphone. The app was initially intended for musicians who wanted to get in touch with their fans live. As an internet hype, however, the app quickly captured teenagers as a target group and became popular in more and more children's rooms.

The popular hashtags include, for example: #deutsch #friends # deutsch-boy #girl # deutsch-girl

Step by step live with YouNow:

  1. Call up the website or start the app
  2. Press the “Go Live” button
  3. Microphone and webcam access must be permitted
  4. The video is categorized with a hashtag of your choice
  5. Start the video and inform friends via social media channels

Stream Up

The application of Stream Up covers three different application scenarios.

  • Interactive live streaming
  • OnDemand web TV
  • Digital events

All three cases are increasingly aimed at the business target group. As with other live apps, the focus is on interaction with viewers. In the event of an event, questions and comments can be obtained live, surveys and quizzes can be published and, in connection with Twitter, all messages from a selected hashtag are displayed.

If you have detailed questions about the implementation of a live stream, the provider should be contacted directly.


Livestream is the broadcasting company for the B2B sector. The tool has already been used in various industries and at numerous events. His references include Nike, Tesla, New York Times, BBC, Spotify and many more.

The recording and processing of the video content goes from the smartphone and direct publication to high-quality camera recording and editing in the studio before the live video is posted.

This makes livestream ideal for companies, for conferences and for agencies of all sizes.


The last live stream app is called Streamago and is again a fun app. The displayed live chats and live videos are almost all from private persons in their living room. Interaction and exchange with viewers are also in the foreground at Streamago.

The app can only be used with a Facebook account and works on the browser as well as on Android and iOS.

Tips for conducting a live session

Now that you have got to know some alternatives for Facebook Live Videos, let's go into the implementation of a live session. In principle, the implementation affects all live streaming applications equally. Basically, the selection of the application has to be made according to the target group and the purpose of the live event.

If most people follow you on Facebook, then this may be the best channel for you and your live message.

The following is recommended for the procedure.

Plan & make known

A live session can be planned, but it is also possible to go live spontaneously.

On the one hand, this depends on how big your follower community is already. If you have a lot of followers, you will reach your people even with a spontaneous live. In addition, a message will be sent to all of your followers so that they can find out quickly.

On the other hand, it depends on the topic. If you are at an event or a trade fair, then you can also give spontaneous impressions from there. If you want to talk about a certain topic, it is worth announcing this in advance. If you announce in advance that you will post a live video, you also have a better chance of making the right target group aware of it and promoting your Facebook Live via newsletter.

Prepare content

It is worth thinking about the concept of your live session. The following questions will help you structure the content of your live video:

  • What exactly is the topic?
  • What points do I want to address?
  • How long should the live session last?
  • How do I end the live video?

If you have a framework, you can always find the red thread during the Facebook Live Video.

Be professional and react spontaneously

During the Facebook Live Video you can appear professionally because you have thought about your concept. When you have questions and reactions from your fans and viewers, you need to be able to react spontaneously. You can then return to your common thread at any time.

Interaction is good so mention the names of people who asked a question and respond personally. This gives your viewer a familiar and respectful feeling.

Follow up

Have you thought about how to end your Facebook Live Video ?! Good, but after the video is also before the video. So the first thing to do is post-processing. On the one hand, your personal demeanor, on the other hand, the camera setting, light and content must be checked.

Watch the video several times afterwards to make improvements for you personally.

You are then perfectly prepared for the next Facebook live video.

Conclusion: being very close to the customer digitally

Facebook Live Videos make it very easy for companies and individuals to get as close to their customers as digitally possible. Live videos can be used for impressions and events but also for planned lectures and discussions. You speak directly to your viewers and can respond directly to comments and reactions.

The numerous Facebook Live alternatives are differentiated by target group or by addressing the target group. Some stand out as fun applications, others rely heavily on professional video transmission for companies. In terms of the technical handling and the process of going live, the individual apps and applications are quite similar.

You have to decide for yourself what kind of event you want to show live and where you can reach your fan community most easily. If they are on Facebook, Facebook Live is probably the best channel for you.