How did Laxus become a dragon toeter

Why is it a big deal to be a dragon slayer?

You ask two questions. Number one is ...

Why is it a big deal to be a dragon slayer?

And number two is ...

Why does being a dragon slayer seem to make the situation worse?

Dragon slayers are a unique breed of people who use a form of lost magic called dragon slayer magic. It was a big deal that Laxus was a dragon slayer because ...

It is uncommon for anyone to use lost magic or be a dragon slayer, and it could have been a perfect opportunity for Natsu to ask if they were raised by a dragon and if they knew where Igneel was.

Your other question, however, is why a dragon slayer seems to make a situation even worse. I will answer this question based on the Fighting Festival Arc. I'm not sure what you mean, but I can't imagine ...

Dragon slayers didn't make the situation worse, they just couldn't help it because Fried's Jutsu prevented Shiki Natsu, Gajeel and The Master from attending the Carnival and freeing the girls who were turned to stone by Ever Green.


For the rest of the guild, they probably didn't know that Laxus knew dragon-killing magic, and the only others who could fight his magic were behind Fried's barrier


Fairy Tale, on the other hand, is notorious for the collateral damage they cause at work. Imagine the damage Nasu himself is doing and add Gajeel after he joins and the damage will get worse. Now add on the discovery that all along Laxus had dragon killing magic, 3 dragon slayers in a guild doing more damage as the good goes, pretty sure that will make the collateral damage situation worse lol

David Starkey

I think you may have misunderstood the second part. I asked more about "Why is Laxus as a dragon hunter making him more scary than before?" After all, he had already hit Natsu and Gajeel when they tanned against him. Somehow does it make him more powerful to find out he's a dragon slayer?


I just tried it anyway. I wasn't sure what the OP was referring to so I just tried to give him the best answer possible. Sorry for the confusion.


@ DavidStarkey It doesn't make him powerful. But dragonslayer magic is lost magic. his weakness is unknown. and dragon slayer magic can grow infinitely if you just eat your element. Now consider the situation where Natsu, a pavilion, is hoping that Laxus will use up all of his magical power and then they can beat him, but Laxus turns out to be a dragon slayer with practically less power. That would make him look more powerful as his magic will never completely drain away.