Is junk food more dangerous than smoking

Neither alcohol nor cigarettes: study reveals which cause will cause most diseases in 2050

An unhealthy lifestyle includes little sport, a lot of alcohol and the consumption of tobacco. However, many forget that food also plays an important role if we want to go through life healthily.

Many think of the common culprits when it comes to an unhealthy lifestyle: alcohol and tobacco are not known to have a positive impact on health or longevity. There is another factor in this!

Fast food and its consequences

Unfortunately, it is all too often forgotten that consuming fast food can also have dire consequences for the body. How serious these can be was recently established in a British study.

In 2050, alcohol-related diseases, sexual diseases, or diseases related to tobacco use will be much less common than diseases caused by poor diet (he can read more about the study in the video above).

An Australian study examined the effects of junk food on our brain and also came to shocking results: Fast food can lead to aggression, depression and stress. But not only that! According to the study, eating an unhealthy diet can cause parts of the brain to shrink.

The problem affects us all

While the problem of obesity has long been thought to be a problem in the western world, the British researchers have come to the conclusion that obesity is causing the death rate to rise sharply, even in developing countries. This terrifying news should definitely shake us all awake.

There is certainly nothing wrong with a burger here and there and a few fries every now and then, but healthy, fresh meals without a lot of fat and sugar should end up on the plate more often during the week. Every adult can read a few basic tips on proper nutrition and there are also plenty of tasty healthy recipes on the Internet.