How do I sell my services online

Selling products online: 5 steps to a successful internet business

The selection of products and markets is decisive for the future success of your online business. Maybe you already have an idea which product you want to sell? Check critically how the market situation is developing. Use various methods of market research: Carry out surveys of potential customers, read current market studies and analyze competitors.

Many newcomers to the online business start too much from their own interests and neglect to find out whether they have any sufficient demand according to the product.

If you find online shops selling the same or similar products as you plan to do, rate them positively. A certain amount of competition shows that you have discovered a lucrative market niche. However, if there is too much competition, you should reconsider your idea. When the market is dominated by big players and the demand is already saturated, it will be difficult for you to gain a foothold.

Also, when choosing your products, consider the possible margin. Demand is good, but if you cannot enforce high prices on the market, it can happen that after deducting the costs for the web shop, hosting and commission you are no longer profitable with realistic sales.

In order to prevail against existing competition, it is advisable to yourself to look for a small niche of products. Instead of opening an online shop for accessories, you could specialize in motif socks; instead of selling different types of tea, you could only sell white tea.