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The yen and euro

The yen is the currency unit of Japan and has existed since 1870. The symbol is ¥. Translated, yen means? Round object? and is traced back to the circular Chinese coins. With the opening of the financial and money market around 1984, the yen was able to develop into an international currency. Today it is traded as one of the most important money reserves, alongside the dollar and the euro. He owes this in particular to his stable course. So that applies JPY as a safe investment and regularly registers gains against the euro, which is currently suffering particularly from European developments.

Conversion of yen and euro

You can use our currency converter to convert the latest exchange rate query, and that 12 times a day. We are always up to date! Simply enter the amount to be converted in the box on the left and press the conversion button. The currency exchange in euros or yen then appears on the right.

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Exchange rate table for printing
Euro (EUR) to Yen (JPY)
1 €133.27 yen
5 euros666.37 yen
10 Euro1,333 yen
50 Euros6,664 yen
100 euros13,327 yen
500 euro66,637 yen
1,000 euros133,273 yen
5,000 euros666,366 yen
10,000 euros1,332,732 yen
50,000 euros6,663,658 yen
Yen (JPY) to Euro (EUR)
5.00 yen0.04 euros
10.00 yen0.08 euros
50.00 yen0.38 euros
100.00 yen0.75 euros
500.00 yen3.75 euros
1,000 yen7.50 euros
5,000 yen37.52 euros
10,000 yen75.03 euros
50,000 yen375.17 euros
100,000 yen750.34 euros