Can people survive a zombie apocalypse?

Survive the zombie apocalypse - here's how

This is what the zombie apocalypse looks like: Within a few weeks, a large part of humanity is destroyed and only a few try their hand at fighting the undead. In order for you to be one of the lucky ones to survive, we have summarized a few important points in this article.

With these rules you will survive a zombie apocalypse

Life as humanity knew it will no longer exist after the outbreak of a zombie virus. Therefore, you should observe the following rules of survival:

  1. Get yourself a gun and learn how to use it! Humans are almost the only living things who use a tool in battle. Until now, it has held this unchallenged at the top of the food chain - this is something you should never forget when fighting zombies!
  2. Learn to kill a zombie effectively! Sure, a chainsaw or flamethrower is extremely cool, but unwieldy. Therefore, you'd better get yourself a hand-held weapon that you can go on long hikes and chop off, mash or otherwise take out the attacker's head with. Because one thing is certain: If the head is off, the rest of the undead also collapses.
  3. Find a safe place to stay! This includes all places that are difficult to reach. For example, a houseboat surrounded by water or a tree house that can only be reached by climbing.
  4. Definitely avoid tall buildings! In times without electricity, they are only dark, confusing and dangerous.
  5. Think carefully about where to barricade yourself! Zombies have time - they are already dead and have no other purpose in life than waiting for their prey. A basement is therefore a bad place to hide. There you run out of food, there is no water and no escape route.
  6. Don't take any chances and don't hesitate to shoot! Basically anyone who staggers, hobbles and does not make a human sound is suspect. Do not let these beings get too close and use your weapon immediately.
  7. Concentrate on the essentials with your luggage! The only thing you have to do in an apocalyptic world is eat, drink, dress and defend yourself. So do without unnecessary stuff. Because you will not stay in one place for long and travel a lot - unless you get to one of the places that guarantee your survival. Read more about this later.
  8. Stay positive! Without optimism and a hint of hope in your mind, the will to survive will be extinguished. In addition, it doesn't matter what life situation you are in - optimism has never hurt.
  9. Last but not least, find allies, not friends! Of course you need support. Perhaps someone can add to your skills and make the struggle for survival more enjoyable. But remember: In a zombie apocalypse, it never hurts to have someone behind you who runs slower than you. In such a case, you shouldn't look back, just think about your own survival ...

These things belong in your survival kit

Good preparation is everything. But you won't always be lucky enough to be able to prepare well in advance for the danger of the undead. Therefore, if the apocalypse is announced at short notice, you should act immediately and get the following things:

  • Food: In order to stay physically fit, it is essential to take care of your diet and food preparation. Organize a water canister, canteen, canned and vacuum packed food, can opener, camping stove and propane gas, pot, matches / lighter and knife that you only use for food preparation.
  • Equipment: Depending on the climatic zone, you will need the right clothing. In any case, sturdy shoes are important, because - as already mentioned - you will be walking a lot. You will also need a backpack, a compass, a map, sleeping bag, binoculars, a crank flashlight and candles.
  • Also, never forget to get a weapon with which you can defend yourself. Pack a first aid kit and buy a survival book as well as a survival medicine book - without the internet it will be difficult to do research on the run.

In these places you have a good chance of surviving the zombie apocalypse

As already mentioned, your chances of survival strongly depend on where you are hiding and in what terrain you are. Therefore, here is a selection of places that will significantly increase your chances of survival:

  • Maldives in the Indian Ocean: The Maldives consist of around 1200 islands. 220 of them are currently inhabited. Also, zombies can't swim. That means: Here there are good prospects of a zombie-free small island that almost seems like a paradise. Wind and weather are easy to master there and the sea offers enough fish for food.
  • Iquitos and Nauta in Peru: The journey to these two places in the middle of the Peruvian rainforest is only possible by a multi-day boat trip across the Amazon or by air. Once the few local zombies have been exterminated, it is extremely unlikely that an undead will ever show up there again.
  • Iceland: If it is too warm in the Maldives and if you prefer the colder climes, Iceland is in good hands. The country is in the middle of the Atlantic, which is why it is as good as inaccessible for new zombies. The number of zombies there should be limited, because the population density is just three people per square kilometer.

How likely is a zombie apocalypse?

After all the considerations as to how mankind could survive a zombie apocalypse, the question should now also be allowed as to whether a zombie apocalypse would be possible at all. From a scientific point of view, the following arguments speak against it:

  • Corpses rot in the sun. More precisely: As soon as death occurs and people turn into zombies, the bacteria in the stomach look forward to a feast. This creates bacterial gases that let the zombies explode very quickly, especially in tropical and subtropical regions of the world.
  • Humans are warriors - zombies are just wanderers. Man has a consciousness, can develop strategies and weapons. He can join forces with others of his kind and act collectively. Zombies, on the other hand, wander aimlessly through the area, they don't think, have no weapons, no strategy and don't take cover when someone shoots them. Who is going to prevail?
  • The zombie infection is spread through a bite. And let's be honest, biting is a very bad way to start an epidemic. Successful diseases like the plague were always transmitted via an invisible path, so that the cause remained undetected at first (which of course also made it difficult to combat it).
  • As you can see: zombies are not a big problem. Aliens, however ...

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