How to learn complete WordPress blogging

How long does it take to learn WordPress?

I admit it. If I want to learn something new, I get impatient pretty quickly and I want to shovel up the new knowledge as quickly as possible. I usually even try to figure out what the learning curve looks like in advance. So not unusual for me that one of the most common questions in my courses is how long does it take to learn WordPress?

For the very impatient, here is a brief summary:

How long it takes to learn and master WordPress always depends on individual perception and technical understanding. Beginners can usually use WordPress properly after around 14 days.

If you like it a little more detailed, you will find tips and requirements for the different levels of WordPress learning below.

That's how long it takes to learn how to create posts and pages

In order to find a relevant value for you, I just grabbed my mother as a guinea pig. She is just over 60 years old, of course, moves around the Internet completely independently, sends e-mails and has a Facebook profile.

So she's not a complete newbie to the Internet.

On a quiet day I sat down with her and explained the basics of posts and pages to her for about 1 hour. After this hour and another hour of trying it out, she was able to make her own contributions. Including text formatting, inserting images and editing titles and description tags, which are important for a reasonable SEO.

Theoretically, you would now be able to run your own blog after about 2 hours and fill it with relevant content.

Using WordPress means much more than just creating posts and pages and filling them with content. The system has a whole range of setting options, the basic principles of which you should have on the pan.

In order to make the learning time clear to you according to your possible goals, I simply divide the WordPress skills into three levels. You can then easily choose yourself at which level you want to learn and use WordPress.

These 3 WordPress user levels are:

  1. Normal, average user who uses WordPress more as a leisure activity.
  2. Semi-professional user who also wants to use WordPress heavily for himself.
  3. Professional WordPress developer

This is how long it takes to learn WordPress for normal use

The group of "normal" users includes all people who would rather use WordPress for private purposes. Either as your own, small hobby website, or as a private blog.

As a normal user, there are a few requirements that my mother didn't have to meet in the example above.

This includes:

  • Update the system, plugins and possibly also themes.
  • Use categories and keywords correctly.
  • Edit, share or delete comments.

WordPress makes it very easy for you to do all of these things. The menu in the administration area is relatively clear and many functions are almost self-explanatory.

With good guidance, you can usually learn all of this in just 8 to 10 hours.

That's how long it takes to become a semi-professional WordPress user

The semi-professional user would like to use WordPress more for professional purposes. This is not just about time, but also about making money with the website or using it to acquire new customers.

The requirements for understanding the system are correspondingly high. As a semi-professional user, you don't just need to know how to create posts or add new pages.

You should also know how you

  • Change and set up permalinks.
  • Establish and implement the basic OnPage SEO on your website.
  • Install and configure plugins.
  • Make backups of your website.

For semi-professional users, I assume that they implement a large part of the requirements without actually intervening in the code of their themes. Basic knowledge of HTML is nice. CSS, PHP and JavaScript are not a basic requirement for this group of users.

Most website requirements are met by semi-professional users using plugins or small code snippets from tutorials.

By the way, I would always recommend that you at least roughly understand what code snippets do that you insert into your WordPress website.

When I started implementing websites with WordPress, PHP was an absolute foreign word for me. Gradually, however, I was able to acquire a great deal of valuable knowledge in this area because I kept trying to understand what exactly a line of code does.

It will take you around 4 to 7 months to learn the knowledge of a semi-professional WordPress user.

This is how much time it takes to become a professional WordPress developer

The professional WordPress developer is the absolute highest level in my 3 levels.

This is someone who has already dealt extensively with various programming languages ​​such as PHP and JavaScript in the past. Someone for whom CSS and HTML are no secret either.

As a professional developer, you deal with the normal administration as well

  • the creation of your own themes and child themes for WordPress.
  • you can use frameworks like Bootstrap or Genesis for your purposes.
  • you may program your own, small plugins to achieve your goals.
  • can control or add relevant functions of your WordPress installation via the functions.php.
  • knows how to build ecommerce applications via shop plugins like WooCommerce.

Professional WordPress developers either work full-time in agencies or (as in very many cases) as freelancers who are booked by companies or agencies for projects.

They usually earn their living entirely with WordPress development.

In order to reach this level, a lot of experience should be gained. Until the structure of themes, includes, plugins and other subtleties is sure, you can expect about 2 years of learning.

Always provided that you stay on the ball and work regularly with WordPress. The more time you put in, the faster things will go.

My conclusion on the WordPress learning curve

I've tried a number of content management systems over the past few years. WordPress isn't the system I started building dynamic websites with either.

Of all content management systems, WordPress is by far the quickest to learn. No matter whether from an absolute beginner or an experienced Internet user.

If you are just at the beginning and you are still sure whether you should learn how to use WordPress, I can only give you one tip:

Get started today and get into WordPress.

While there is a lot to learn, you will see results very quickly. And by the way, a wonderful world is open to you in which you can implement your website exactly the way you want it. And then the whole thing without outside help.

By the way, if English is not a problem for you, you will find a very good introduction to the WordPress learning site, which the creators of WordPress launched themselves.