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Menthur on Odyssey

Fire in neighboring apartment - windows and frames explode

Call for a petition: No compulsory corona vaccination for children!
Johannes Augustin started this petition to Jens Spahn (Federal Minister of Health) and others. Already more than 600,000 signatures, next target 1 million! For a future worth living in!

Free coverage in danger !!

On the 1st3.In 2021 around 3:30 p.m., the neighboring apartment was completely torched! Then the balcony glass door of the other neighboring apartment destroyed! This is understood as a threat against the editors. Tonight -11.3.2021- a helicopter was standing noisily over the house at low altitude around 9 p.m. for about 15 minutes in the dark (psychological terror)! Should an attack be planned again, as has already happened several times ?! None of this can be a coincidence! The damage previously caused by state-tolerated and allegedly initiated looting is now over € 1 million (Judicial infarction!) - apart from serious crimes against humanity! That has to be over! Please pass on!

Many thanks to all supporters and helpers. Signal to the criminal world: We are more - good-naturedness has limits!

To all voters (BW / RP 14.3.2021): This mess must not become another - completely new forces have to work!

It happened -15.03.2021-, now in the electoral areas around Baden-Baden all Badeners and others have to pay for what the voters have brought on everyone! Is poison green hip now?

Green is not inherently good. Green plants also have brown roots. Poisons are often green: green potatoes, some green mold, verdigris, green bile, green pus and so on!

see also: Best of Annalena Baerbock (long version)


The topic: central radicalism and central extremism
IM Erika: Le Virus c'est Moi! (I am the virus!)
She announced. "The virus (moi) cannot be negotiated, it only understands a single language, the language of determination."
That is why all citizens, as long as they are not yet brainwashed, lobotomized or vaccinated, must speak this language with her now!

For vaccination, the new "alternative redemption ritual of the pseudo-scientific wirrologist sect":
Astra-Zeneka vaccinations are suspended in the following 22 countries (March 17th, 2021). We have been asking for it for a long time!

Germany (?), Denmark (completely removed !!), Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Latvia, Bulgaria, Iceland, Venzuela, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Slovenia, Indonesia , Dem.Rep.Congo. (List out of date!)

India vaccinated early like a world champion and now has an insane increase in new infections (?) And Corona or Vaccinated dead (Long-term effects already 6 months?).

Tanzania and Madagascar do not have vaccinations.

The Dalei Lama has already had himself vaccinated and the Thai government team wants it immediately despite everything.

It's also a way to get into nirvana (and into the WEF millions) faster.

BREAKING NEWS! Shortly after the previous was written, we learned that the President of Tanzania, John Magufuli, corona pandemic critic and lockdown objector, died suddenly of heart failure on 3/17/2021. There is a strong suspicion that he was a victim of the "Covert Warfare"! Shouldn't be a COVID19 case.

YT video v. 04/04/2021 Tanzania and the C virus

Corona - the bought pandemic (background):

Open letter to President of the BVG Prof. Harbarth from the psychologist Daniela Prousa:
Ignorance of invalid legitimation of the corona measures
also lawsuit before the European Court of Human Rights

This lawsuit has the highest priority for us, whoever wants changes should support it. Donate, among other things, thank you! 🙏🤝 🥰https: //

Young people's ability to suffer also has limits:

Menthur's YouTube channel: The Association of Towns and Municipalities calls for schoolchildren who do not want to undergo a corona test to be excluded from face-to-face classes.

Carrying out tests with corona nasal sticks by laypersons or non-medical specialists is total bodily harm and punishable!
The latest video from the Berlin ENT doctor Dr. Josef Thoma.
"What the tests do to our noses"

For all young and adult people - have a look at Naomi Seibt's YouTube pages:

Channel presentation - Hello, "dissenters"! 🙂👍
or topic overview on YT
or uncensored on TELEGRAM:

Attention: Naomi Seibt is currently being unfairly censored by Youtube, there is a risk of all of her channels being deleted! Do we want to put up with that? Donate for trial against Youtube / Google! Should the lying media suppress free science and triumph ?!
Update April 30th, 2021: Youtube missed a 3rd strike and canceled Naomi's own channels !!!
Please, please donate something - it's for your future! 🙏🤝 🥰

SENSATION: Mask requirement, distance rules and constant corona tests for schoolchildren canceled by AG decision!

Weimar District Court, decision of April 8th, 2021, Az .: 9 F 148/21 Judgment-aus-weimar-keine-masken-kein-sehen-keine-tests-mehr-fuer-schueler/

There are now criminal charges against the judge and even a duty room, Automobile- and house search! The PC and cell phone were also confiscated and mirrored! The lying media have done all they can to vilify. - The decision is still effective, but in practice it is simply ignored by the administrations!

Live in front of the Weimar District Court: "In memory of the rule of law" on May 1st, 2021: Peaceful citizens are surrounded by the police and finally led away!

Also the AG Weilheim in Upper Bavaria April 13th, 2021 AZ .: 2F192 / 21 decided similarly to the one in Weimar!

The Administrative Court of Vienna passed a sensational judgment on the test chaos on March 24th, 2021, among other things. GZ: VGW-103/048/3227 / 2021-2

Schoolchildren should be as bad as possible: the Merkel regime ignores judgments on the best interests of the child

RA Dr. Reiner Füllmich: "CHILD ABUSE is being INSTITUTIONALIZED"

The Infection Protection Act protects an infection, but not humans. In the opinion of this committee, this Infection Protection Act should be completely abolished. A mother had sued for protection of her child and instead of the court laying a protective hand over the child, the court sentenced the single mother to a heavy fine of € 18,000. Probably to deter imitators. (Currently new better legal situation by OLG Karlsruhe 20 WF 70/21 from May 28th, 2021 !!!) This is a "blatant case of perversion of the law", said Dr. Pure filling me. With the help of this law and under the guise of "measures", so Dr. Pure fill me further, one would commit institutional child abuse. Menthur:
Corona Committee - alternative channelß-Aus Accordingkanal

DOUBLE SENSATION: Karlsruhe Higher Regional Court supports “sensational judgment” from Weimar - Decision 20 WF 70/21 v. April 28th, 2021 !!! Important for students and teachers!

No masks, no spacing, no tests. A Weimar judge had ruled for two school children. In a similar case, a family judge from Pforzheim rejected a mother's request and referred to the jurisdiction of the administrative court - wrongly, as the Karlsruhe Higher Regional Court decided.

The Higher Regional Court (OLG) Karlsruhe stands behind the Weimar judge, who made headlines with his decision called a “sensational judgment” in the media. In its decision, the Higher Regional Court Karlsruhe announced that the family court is obliged to initiate preliminary investigations in proceedings relating to the best interests of the child in accordance with Section 1666 BGB. ... (abridged, original report from Epochtimes of May 4, 2021)

Karlsruhe resolution 20 WF 70/21 of April 28, 2021


Pharmaceutical industry shocked - study shows: unvaccinated children are significantly less ill

Israel Study: Vaccinated People More Prone To Virus Mutation - How Bad is it? (For one variant "only" 8x higher!)


The cat is out of the bag! - No guarantee!!!
From an anonymous source - which is only passed on secretly from many other sources! Vaccinated people infect those who have not been vaccinated! It should happen that only diluted soup or saline solution is injected due to a deficiency. General practitioners always collect money! Attention! On the one hand due to insufficient vaccination protection up to the super spreader, via genetically modified monkey adenoviruses that supposedly cannot multiply (?? - viruses capable of replicating were found in Sputnik-?) And other vaccine components. In the case of vector vaccines (with genetically modified adenoviruses), those who are vaccinated are mainly only given protection against this useless but possibly dangerous monkey disease! Apparently transmission via breath exchange and skin contact ?! Touch vaccinated persons only with gloves (? !!). Substances contained in the vaccination are transferred! Unpublished documents from No *** tis are intended to confirm this.
No *** tis is the patent holder and licensor to the vaccine manufacturers.
Life insurance (?) Should already be officially (?) (because of radically reduced life expectancy?) outclimbwhen clients are vaccinatedwere.
(Be careful when passing it on!)

Police in Schwäbisch Gmünd escalated. Uninvolved citizens of Gmünd are brutally arrested.
During a walk in Schwäbisch Gmünd on April 26th, 2021, the police reacted completely exaggerated. It formed a cauldron and there were completely uninvolved citizens in it. The police reacted completely disproportionately, brutal arrests were the result!


From Kanal Free Press Berlin: New Infection Protection Act:
Police beat women
Police humiliate invalids

The father's emergency number publishes considerable detailed information about the courts and their judges. A lot of material has also been collected on Corona that cannot be found otherwise. Anyone who is taking or planning a legal measure should definitely get the necessary knowledge here:


New: Demonstration - Aarau - The Swiss people, the sovereign goes into resistance - 8.05.21

It is similar in Absurdistan (FRG) too!
The armament of the FRG federal authorities: "Merkel: Fire open on the citizens?"



Unlawfully censored (YT) links - Against "supervised" publishing and commenting!
This helps authors and commentators who have been censored by providers. We strongly oppose "supervised" publishing! The freedom of the press and the freedom of expression of the citizens must be guaranteed!




Effects of the use of concealed HPM and laser weapons

“You have to start with the truth. The truth is the only way we can get anywhere. Because decisions based on lies or ignorance cannot lead to a good result. “- Julian Assange (* 1971) | Australian journalist, WikiLeaks founder