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Translation of "real magic" in German

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real magic
This ... Is where the real magic happens.
The real magic is taking four strong solo acts and making them all work together.
The true magic takes four strong solo acts And that they all work together.
The real magic she keeps for herself.
And all the while I don't understand the real magic.
Destiny doesn't trade real magic for money.
There is no real magic there.
But the real magic happens when we start to combine flavors.
But the true magic happens when we start combining flavors.
People will pay a lot of money for real magic.
Once your mind trusts your source enough, the real magic can happen.
As soon as your mind trusts the source enough, it can true magic happen.
That is the real magic of love.
What I'm doing is real magic.
Lake, Davina, real magic, like we use here ... it would change you.
Davina, real magicthat we use here ... will change you.
There's no real magic there, just tricks.
"There's real magic in his art ".
But Avatars come to experience the real magic of Central Florida, The Master Course.
But avatars come to that real magic To experience Middle Florida, the master’s course.
It'd be a great present for someone who's always dreamed of finding real magic.
This would be a great gift for someone who has always dreamed of real magic to find.
And let him believe it is real magic?
If you want to do some "real magic", then there has not been a finer ...
If you have some "real magic"want to do, then there has not been a fine ...
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