Which website is good for auto parts

For car enthusiasts with manual skills, online shops for car accessories and spare parts are a good place to go: they can be easily compared with one another and often have a diverse range of products. Cheap spare parts are available online - but whoever chooses the wrong shop can also experience a price shock. This is shown by the test by the German Institute for Service Quality, which examined eleven online shops for car parts on behalf of the news broadcaster n-tv.

Great savings potential

If you are not fixated on original products from the car manufacturer, you will find what you are looking for on the Internet for cheap spare parts. However, the comparison is worthwhile: the price differences between online auto parts shops are enormous. In the test, customers have to pay at least 60 percent more for each of the examined products in the most expensive shop than with the cheapest provider. An extreme example: A ribbed V-belt for a VW Golf VI costs over 35 euros in an online shop, while another auto parts specialist can get a suitable product for 3.75 euros.

User-friendly shops

Despite the special offer, expert knowledge is usually not required: Nine of the eleven shops examined convince with extensive, understandable and well-structured content. With all providers, the product search - for example by entering the manufacturer and type code number - is convenient. The online shops also offer generally good order conditions and extensive payment options. However, the shipping costs for a standard package are comparatively high at an average of 5.45 euros.

Low-price products often with a large range

The overall result for the industry is at a satisfactory level, although there are clear differences in quality between the providers. A tip for customers who are looking for the cheapest possible spare parts for their car: The test shows that online shops with a comparatively extensive range of accessories and spare parts are usually better priced because they serve different price segments.

The best in the test

ATP-Autoteile.de is the test winner with the quality rating "very good". As part of the condition analysis, the online shop impresses with the best overall price level and is one of the three cheapest providers for almost 63 percent of the spare parts sought. The online shop is user-friendly and offers a wide range of information. There are many payment options, the standard shipping costs are cheaper than those of the competition and the offer is convincing.

In second place is Pkwteile.de, also with a very good overall result. Best offer, second-best prices - no online shop does better here overall. In terms of the Internet presence, the comparatively extensive contact information is particularly impressive; an online chat also enables direct support from the company.

Third place is taken by Rexbo (quality rating: "good"). Among other things, the website scores with a transparent ordering process with visible encryption to protect personal data. When analyzing the prices and the range of offers, the online shop also scores comparatively well - in around 63 percent of cases, the cheapest product is below the average price in the industry.

The German Institute for Service Quality tested eleven online shops for auto parts. The service quality was measured for each company on the basis of a detailed content analysis of the website, including the aspects of transparency and security in the ordering process, as well as ten tests of the websites by trained test users. In addition, the order and payment conditions of the providers were checked. In a further area of ‚Äč‚Äčinvestigation, a survey and a comparative evaluation of the product prices (in each case the cheapest item) and the offer was carried out. The test basis was formed by 16 previously defined product specifics, which resulted from four vehicle models and four typical wear / spare parts (survey dates: 03/07/03/2017).

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