What is satisfaction in life

Be satisfied: In 6 easy steps to greater satisfaction

- Aristotle

Do you want to be happier?

Tired of thinking about what's missing?

You don't want to postpone your luck any longer, but just want to be happy NOW?

Then you are exactly right here:

In this article I will tell you my tried and tested satisfaction guide, with which you can immediately bring more satisfaction into your life!

And the best thing about it:

I will show you how you can transform your current dissatisfaction into maximum satisfaction!

Sounds cool?

Then let's get started ...

Table of Contents

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The oppressive life in the prison of deficiency

You may be familiar with the following situation:

You stop by Facebook and come across photos of your friends.

Stephanie was on vacation in Hawaii. Ingo is hiking in Nepal and Tatjana has just got married under palm trees in the Maldives. Everyone looks soooo happy ...

Only you feel totally humble while looking at her pictures.

You ask yourself:

What the hell did I do wrong?

Why are all other people happy and looking so happy? And I don't feel happy at all, even though I actually have everything I need. How can that be?

The answer to that is simple:

Instead of seeing the cool things in your life (that everyone has), all you see all the time is what you DON'T have.

You are sitting in your self-built prison for shortages!

But the good news now:

I can show you how to break out of this wretched lack of thinking. And it's easier than you might think now ...

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The satisfaction formula for a happy life

Now I want to tell you my big secret, how I managed to get out of my own dissatisfaction and just wake up and live in full satisfaction every day ...

Well what you do is:

Instead of just looking at the things that don't work, you are consciously looking at the things that are working well in your life. That is, you are changing your focus.

Because that's what it's all about, we're changing your focus!

How exactly, I'll explain in the next step:

Step 1: install satisfaction focus

Most of the dissatisfaction in everyday life comes from the fact that we always find something bad in something good. You probably know it: you look for the famous fly in the ointment.

My insider tip against this bad habit is:

From today, find something good in everything bad!

Or: find something good in every situation!

Train your brain on the positive.

Consciously ask yourself over and over again during the day: "What is right now, right here, at this moment - good about my situation?"

Stop for a moment, breathe deeply into your stomach, really notice this moment and think about it in peace ... and I'm sure you will soon be able to find something positive.

This will change your focus from a negative focus to a satisfaction focus. You will notice how your dissatisfaction is transformed bit by bit into satisfaction.

Here are a few more specific examples for you:

For example, what should I like about lying on the sofa with a broken leg?


When you're lying on the sofa at home, you can finally read the book that you've wanted to read for a long time ... You can take time out for your children and read them a story. You can make plans for where you want to go in the next year ...

Do you see how it works

Instead of constantly complaining about everything, you try to make the best of your situation ...

Ok, do you need another example? May I help you:

But ... But ... But ... What should I do if I have suffered a bad stroke of fate?

I know that in this case, it's a little harder to focus on the positives. BUT:

ONLY concentrating on the negatives will not get you any further!


  • Feel into your body ... Are you feeling well in your body right now, right here?
  • Can you look straight ahead and read this text? Wow, you have two working eyes that can read!
  • Do you have two working legs? Be grateful and satisfied!

If you train your thinking in this way for the positive, you will be more satisfied with every day and will be able to break out of your prison of lack little by little!

Step 2: Satisfaction guarantee through gratitude

Gratitude is one of the best satisfaction methods I've ever come across in my life.

When you're grateful, your brain secretes lots of calming happiness hormones. When you are grateful, you automatically focus on what is good in your life and away from what you lack.

One very important thing:

Don't let advertisements convince you that you don't have everything to be happy. Because you already have EVERYTHING you need. You will feel this immediately if you only focus on the things that are already going well in your life.

Think about the monk who lives in a cave in the Himalayas. He has nothing but his bowl of rice. Still, he's just happy and satisfied. How can that be? He gets his focus right because he is grateful for what he has.

Now it's your turn:

Think of at least 10 things to be thankful for!

I am serious! Take out a piece of paper and a pen. Sit down and write down 10 things to be thankful for NOW. You will feel better immediately, I promise!

If these 10 things are hard for you to find, start with the basics:

I have two eyes with which I can see. I do not have any pain. My fridge is full."And so on ...

Believe me, this cannot be taken for granted!

You can also be grateful for something like that. It's all just a question of the right angle ...

Don't give up immediately if you can't find something to be thankful for right away. It is quite normal for your brain to be focused on the things that are missing and not on what is already going well in your life.

Here again three extra examples for which you can be grateful and satisfied:
  • You live in a country where there is no war
  • In this land nature is safe
  • We have plenty of drinking water. You don't have to walk for miles to get clean drinking water
  • We have a social network that catches you when you can no longer work ...

Extra tip: The gratitude diary.

Ask yourself every night before going to sleep: "For which things that happened today am I especially grateful?"

Get yourself an extra gratitude diary and write these things down there or use the practical online happiness diary.

And if you get dissatisfied in everyday life and you notice how you slip into your prison for lack, pull out your list and go through it. You will notice, you will feel better IMMEDIATELY!

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Step 3: Peace with yourself, leads to SATISFACTION

Perhaps you often catch yourself comparing yourself to others. Yet you know that these thoughts will not get you anywhere. They damage your satisfaction. Isn't it clear?

Now, of course, the question is: how do you manage to break those negative thoughts?

Here is the solution:

The way out of this misery is to build a good relationship with yourself.

How you do that? As follows:

In this way you will be more satisfied with yourself and, at the same time, will reduce your prison of deficiency stone by stone.

Go on to step 4:

Step 4: the satisfaction key - friendships

To show you how important friendships are for a happy life, we do a little thought experiment:

Think of your best friends. Imagine them visually and remember all the beautiful things that you have experienced together.

Do I see a smile on your face right now? Nice memories, right?

Now imagine what your life would be like without your best friends. Not that great, is it?

If you let this difference sink in, you probably feel an immense gratitude right now for having people like this in your life. They make a significant contribution to your satisfaction because they take you for who you are and are by your side in bad times.

Therefore, cultivate your friendships.

Make sure that you actively take care of your friends and that you often do something good for them. It makes YOU feel good and your friends feel good too.

It's best to call a good friend NOW who you haven't heard from in a long time. Talk to him about the past and find out how he's doing, what he's up to.

After the interview you will have a few more points on your satisfaction account. The prison of shortage continues to vanish into thin air!

Step 5: Transform your dissatisfaction into powerful goals


If you were always satisfied with everything, then you would not get any further in life. Then there would be no drive for new goals. Then you would just live as you have always lived ...

So dissatisfaction is also good when you use it to turn it into powerful goals and thereby catapult you to new heights.

This means:

Dissatisfaction can be a great engine for getting into action.

So instead of being constantly dissatisfied with your situation, start setting new goals for yourself.

For example, if you are dissatisfied with your current job, think about what you would rather do.

Get started and plan very specifically how you want to earn your daily bread from today ...

Once you have this goal in mind and then come into action, your life will change 180 degrees for the better, guaranteed!

But I have to give you an urgent warning on this point:

Don't fall into the trap and postpone your happiness until you reach your goal. According to the motto: "Once I have reached XYZ, I can finally be satisfied ...

That doesn't work my friend!

I can tell you that from my own sorrow. Even when you have reached your goal, you will again lack something in order to be satisfied.

Therefore, be aware of every step on the way to your goal and internally praise yourself for having come this far.

Reward yourself for your hard work with a good meal or a nice short vacation. In this way you can enjoy your pursuit of goals and already go through life satisfied on the way.

This will make it much easier for you to escape from prison in shortages.

Step 6: turn on your solution radar

If you actively go towards your goals, you will likely have a few problems every now and then.

Again, it is extremely important that you change your focus! There's no point in chewing on your problems and thinking 10,000 times about all kinds of things ...

Instead, turn on your solution radar and consciously look for solutions to your problems.

Once you can see the solution clearly, you automatically feel able to act and gain new energy. This will make you more satisfied with yourself and more confident at the same time.

Here is my power tip for you:

Take a large piece of paper and write the problem in a few words in the center of the paper.

Then write down all the solutions that you can think of spontaneously. You can be creative and also write down crazy solutions. This will automatically stimulate your brain to look for further solutions.

When you have collected enough solutions, evaluate your solutions in terms of their feasibility. For example, determine that 10 is particularly good and 1 is the least practical. Each solution receives your individual assessment.

Then choose your favorite from the best solutions.

Implement your favorite solution and your problem will vanish without chewing it!

Take one step at a time to satisfaction

So my dear friend, I know that the steps from above are not always easy. I felt the same way back then. Changing my thoughts and focus, in particular, has not always been easy. But it's possible!

Finally, an important tip:

  1. At the beginning, pick a step that you want to take. And then take this step very consciously and just focus on it. This is the quickest way to achieve success.
  2. After you have integrated this first step into your everyday life, e.g. directing your focus on the positive, take the next step. So you take one step at a time towards greater satisfaction.

Your inner beliefs will change step by step for the better and you will perceive more and more the good in your life.

This will make you feel a little happier and more satisfied every day. Have fun trying out these tips and exercises!