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A month without masturbation: it happens in the body

A month without masturbation: it happens in the body

For a few years there has been a trend around celibacy. For example, a month without masturbation is celebrated as a no-nut November among men. We'll tell you what really happens in the body after 30 days without masturbation.

Abstinence as a trend

The American Alexander Rhodes started the trend around celibacy and abstinence a few years ago: He called the movement around "NoFap" (colloquial English: to fap = to masturbate) into life. Rhodes had described himself as a porn addict for masturbating to porn material six times a day. With the NoFap movement he wanted to help himself and others to bring compulsive and addictive masturbation behavior under control. In the course of NoFap, a scientific study on the relationship between testosterone levels and abstinence quoted.

Does masturbation lower testosterone levels?

In the 2003 Chinese study, theTestosterone levels measured by 28 men associated with masturbation and abstinence. The scientists found that testosterone levels rose during a period of abstinence and were highest on the seventh day after the last ejaculation - 45.7% higher than the base value.

For this reason, participants in NoFap months also hope for positive effects by avoiding masturbation. The results of the study are scientifically correct. However, that is often overlooked or ignored The level of masculinity hormone drops again after the seventh day and returns to its starting level.

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From a medical point of view, nothing speaks against masturbation. Urologist Dr. med. Reinhold Schaefer reveal:

Then how is it that despite these benefits of sex and masturbation, a growing abstinence movement has emerged?

What effects are you hoping for through abstinence?

On the one hand, some men are hoping for the higher testosterone levels advertised in the study. Another motivation behind NoFap may be one compulsive or annoying masturbation behavior wanting to get a grip on it. The oversupply of freely available pornography on the Internet is very tempting for many men, but also women. The ever new stimuli ensure that the frequency of masturbation takes on proportions that are sometimes perceived as unhealthy or annoying.

Some participants also justify their abstinence with the fact that they can no longer establish a sexual relationship with real women because they are so desensitized to virtual pornography that they no longer perceive real women and real encounters as attractive or arousing.

This really happens with a month without masturbation

  • Increased self-esteem and self-esteem: If you manage to do without something for a month that your instincts actually crave, you feel more self-confident. Getting a grip on a loss of control strengthens the feeling of self-empowerment.
  • Resensitization of the penis: Very frequent and vigorous laying on of hands can desensitize the penis - it gets used to the intense stimuli. By reducing or even renouncing masturbation, the nerve endings at the glans can recover and the penis becomes more sensitive to stimuli again.
  • Temporary testosterone surge: As shown in the study mentioned above, testosterone levels rise for seven days with NoFap - but then fall back to normal levels.

Despite the partially positive effects of not masturbating, it should not be forgotten that masturbation also has health benefits. As long as it isn't compulsive or negatively affecting the person's relationship, there's nothing wrong with it.

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