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Advantages of online booking via an individually adapted booking software

Online booking systems and booking software in comparison

On this page we explain which functions of an online booking system or booking software providers should pay attention to who want to enable their customers to make online bookings via their own website, via social media and via booking portals.

Today flights or hotels are of course booked or reserved online. Ten to fifteen years ago, people would instead pick up the phone or go to a travel agency. Service providers from other industries are also increasingly recognizing the advantages of online booking for their own business and their customers - and therefore need functional online booking software. Online booking systems allow you to book an appointment at the hairdresser's, make a reservation in your favorite restaurant or book a canoe trip - conveniently from your PC at home or from your smartphone. The requirements for a tailor-made booking software differ depending on the industry. Mountain bike tour providers, for example, offer tickets on fixed dates. For online booking you therefore need an event calendar that contains the dates that can be booked at fixed times. On the other hand, landlords of holiday homes need an occupancy calendar on their homepage that shows free capacities online. Most providers of booking software on the market therefore specialize in certain industry-specific booking solutions. Other online booking systems are all-rounders and cater to multiple industries. The offer ranges from simple WordPress plugins to complex online booking software systems that also contain modules such as appointment management or participant management. Regardless of the industry-specific requirements of the booking and administration tool, service providers should pay attention to a few basic functions when choosing the right booking system.

Booking systems & online booking software for leisure providers in a comparison test The all-in-one booking solution from bookingkit is the test winner.

B2B booking software for the reservation and management of appointments. All functions of bookingkit put through their paces.

Software-as-a-service booking solution or booking software installed on the computer?

Providers of leisure activities in particular do not sit at a stationary computer all the time, but often have to manage their business on the go via their smartphone or tablet. It is therefore advisable to run the online booking system in a cloud. This means that the online booking software is not only accessible worldwide, but is also automatically updated and maintained. Such web-based booking software is also known as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). That means: The software and the IT infrastructure are operated by an external provider, but you can use them as a service. Such a solution is an excellent and inexpensive alternative to a self-programmed booking tool, especially for small companies. Software-as-a-service booking solutions are often offered free of charge in the basic tariff. The website operator pays a commission fee for each online booking via the tool. This means that you have no fixed costs and only pay for your booking software if it is successful.

Self-programmed booking tool or complex online booking system?

The all-in-one solutions among the booking systems have several advantages:

1. They help you manage all online bookings and reservations thanks to practical booking software features. This includes, for example, the automatic dispatch of booking confirmations, cancellations and invoices.

2. Professional booking software allows online payments. To this end, the software providers work with renowned partners such as PayPal, Visa Card, Master Card or EC direct debit. For every online payment you would have to pay a commission to the payment service provider. These commissions are already included in the fees for the SaaS booking tools.

3. Ready-made professional booking solutions have been tried and tested many times and further developed through customer feedback. The user interface of a booking software can be operated intuitively. Programming your own online booking system with php & mySQL, on the other hand, costs a lot of time and effort.

4. Sooner or later, with software, you always come across the moment when you need help from the manufacturer. The programmers of self-developed booking software may not always be available. A professional provider of booking and reservation systems, on the other hand, provides telephone support and an online help database for the corresponding booking software.
A little hint: If you test a booking software, test the support at the same time!

5. Professional booking tools can automatically have your offers appear on booking portals such as TripAdvisor, Viator or EventimGuide. This gives you a huge reach of potential new customers. Tip: Make sure that the provider of your booking system is independent, i.e. not exclusively connected to a specific booking portal.

Tips and tricks for integrating the bookingkit booking software into popular CMS

Online booking software for various CMS systems

CMS (Content Management Systems) offer you a relatively easy way to create a website and to maintain it. The best known providers are WordPress, Jimdo, Joomla and Typo3 (Open Source CMS (Content Management Systems) offer you a relatively easy way to create and maintain a website. The best known providers are WordPress, Jimdo, Joomla and Typo3 (Open Source CMS). For each CMS there are numerous plugins - that means extensions of the basic version of the CMS - with which online bookings are possible. The professional SaaS providers of booking software also provide plugins. Bookingkit, for example, supports you with a plugin for the CMS WordPress. With this you can integrate the booking tool and the online calendar directly into the WordPress backend and manage your appointments in WordPress using our booking software. You can get the plug-in from the repository here.

No more annoying paperwork! How booking systems & online booking software help you manage it.

Everything at a glance! Booking management and participant management easier than ever.

The most important features of a booking software

Online bookings in real time: Your customers see all available appointments directly and can book them. If the capacity of an appointment is exhausted, a high-performance online booking software blocks it in real time for all further bookings.

Language & Currency: Many providers - especially in the tourism and leisure activities sectors - also want to reach international customers. That is why it is extremely important that they can book at least in English, ideally in their own language, and pay in their currency. Ideally, the online booking system uses the customer's IP to recognize which language and currency should be used.

Free choice of payment methods: You should be able to choose which payment methods (PayPal, credit card, EC direct debit, payment on site, etc.) you want to offer your customers and participants. Tip: PayPal offers a safe and easy way to pay online and is extremely popular with customers. Therefore, it should not be missing as a payment option in an excellent online booking system.

Customizing: Adaptable booking software allows you to adapt the design of the booking mask to your website and your brand identity - set your own colors and fonts or integrate your own CSS file. In addition, you should be able to enter individual texts and freely definable special fields for the reservations.

Freely selectable customer data: Decide for yourself which customer data you want to collect. The data of your customers represent an often underestimated value of your company. The provider of a professional booking software should therefore prepare the data of your customers clearly so that you can use them for marketing measures.

Suitable for smartphone & tablet: More and more customers are using web applications on their mobile devices. It is therefore important that your booking websites are responsive. This means that they adapt dynamically to the respective screen size - the ability to react to variable end devices is created in high-quality booking software.

More sales with vouchers: Users love vouchers. Your booking tool should therefore also contain a voucher function in addition to the booking function. In a first-class online booking software, you can therefore conveniently sell and manage vouchers and promotional vouchers. In addition, vouchers from external voucher portals such as B. Groupon, so that your customers can redeem them themselves when booking online.

SEO optimization: Ideally, booking software can be integrated into your own website in a search engine-optimized manner and can be easily read by Google & Co.

The most important properties of an availability display / booking calendar

Clear display of the availability of your offer: Your booking software always keeps the occupancy calendar up to date.

Scheduling thanks to intelligent functions: An intelligent digital booking calendar contains an overview of data such as participants, capacities and payment information for all appointments! Colored markings show where capacities are still available. You can control your offers with the help of your booking software, for example by dynamically adjusting the prices to the number of participants. The information will also help you plan your resources.

Interfaces: Excellent booking software synchronizes your booking calendar with other digital calendars such as Google Calendar or Apple Calendar so that you have all your appointments under one roof. Professional booking systems link your offer to booking platforms and integrate the participants booked via them into the booking calendar.

Suitable calendar type: Your booking system must offer a calendar type that is based on your offer. The following calendars cover almost all cases:

  • Event calendar: book tickets for fixed dates (e.g. tours, courses, events)
  • Occupancy calendar for daily rentals (e.g. holiday home, guest house)
  • Occupancy calendar for certain periods of time (e.g. bike rental, climbing park

The most important interfaces of a booking system / online booking software

Payment systems: Paypal, EC direct debit, Visa, MasterCard, purchase on account, instant transfer, cash payment on site

CMS provider: Wordpress, Joomla, Jimdo, Strato, WIX, Web.de, Typo3, 1 & 1 MyWebsite

Booking platforms: z. B. TripAdvisor, Eventim Guide, Viator, Kochschule.de, jollydays

Online calendar / booking calendar: Apple, Google, Outlook

Social Commerce: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube

Mobile ticketing apps: Passbook, PassWallet, Apple Watch, QR code

Analysis tools: Google Analytics

Open API for complex websites

Interface to the accounting system

bookingkit offers a highly professional and powerful online booking system that is specially tailored to the needs of experience providers. Experiences are activities that you would like to do yourself or give to your friends in your free time and on vacation: cooking classes, dance classes, city tours, exit games, massages, yoga, museum tours and and and. Simply register with bookingkit, create dates for your special offers in our online booking software and integrate the resulting ticket shop into your design on your website. Can be used free of charge in the basic tariff and can be canceled on a monthly basis!

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