Why do you think most relationships fail?

How relationships fail

How do relationships fail?
7 reasons relationships fail
Why marriages break down

How do relationships fail?

Why is it that so many relationships fail? Why do marriages that have gone well for a few years break down in later years? Why is there so much lovelessness among people? How is it that partners and spouses initially go together but then, after years, no longer get along? Why do many people no longer dare to marry and do not want to be tied to a partner for life? Why are there so many people who do not feel able to have a permanent (lifelong) happy relationship? Why do business partners become bitter opponents after a good start together?

Here we discuss 7 weighty reasons why so many human relationships fail.

1) Relationships fail when partners spend little or no time with each other.

What do you use your time for? Is there enough free time reserved for cultivating the marital relationship? Or are your own interests and economic constraints so dominant that your time together becomes more sacrificed? Is it more important for you to finish work quickly or to spend the time on the Internet than to give your partner undivided attention?

A relationship can only be long-term if both of you take enough time for each other. It becomes dangerous when partners avoid each other and, for example, start regularly going on vacation alone. It is dangerous when unspoken conflicts persist, when the matter is no longer investigated.

2) Relationships fail when people don't understand what a relationship is about.

You can either decide to live alone or to live in a relationship (only a marriage between a man and a woman is auspicious in the long run).

Living alone has certain advantages: you don't have to follow anyone. There is a great deal that you can do and leave without taking other people into consideration. You can live it out very much. The disadvantage is that you are lonely and you cannot share a lot with a partner that you would like to share. So there is an advantage in living alone, but on the other hand it also means a lot of renunciation.

But if you have decided on a life in partnership, then you enjoy the advantages of the partnership and have to forego the advantages of the single life. Before even entering into a relationship, you should understand that it has far-reaching consequences. In a relationship, they are no longer only responsible for their own well-being, but must also always pay attention to the well-being of others. You can then no longer do what you want in the first place, but have to consider the concerns of the partner. If this is fundamentally questioned or is not clear before entering into a partnership, then this is a point that favors the failure of relationships.

3) Relationships fail when there is too little talk.

When communication has died or is under-practiced, the relationship is bound to fail. Missing, dishonest, or accused and unrealizable expectations communication is one of the most important factors in failing relationships. Without knowing each other, without knowing your partner's motives, it is impossible to love them, as is necessary for a healthy relationship.

Communication includes not only talking about everyday and pleasant things, but also discussing the conflicts. Otherwise, they will persist and, over time, mutual hatred or anger will build up that will eventually make the relationship die and fail.

Only when there is regular communication, an exchange, free from reproaches, people can adjust to each other and grow together.

4) Relationships fail when people put their own needs first.

A relationship, a marriage can only succeed if both partners understand each other as a community and do not lose sight of what they have in common. By nature, however, humans are polarized in such a way that they put themselves first (with rare exceptions). So, if we want to experience a happy relationship in the long term, we have to recognize and overcome this tendency to take ourselves more seriously than anything else. Only when we learn to withdraw and include the partner in our goals and desires can the relationship be permanently happy.

It is not uncommon for us to find people who take their own needs so seriously that they are unwilling to put them aside for the sake of love's happy flourishing. A relationship will fail if the partners are unwilling to make concessions to each other or are unwilling to step back from their own desires (after enough discussion). Selfishness and selfishness are mortal enemies of human relationships. At this point we have to learn to overcome our own nature, because we humans are by nature egoists! There is a person who is exactly the opposite of an egoist, with whom there is also resounding help when it comes to the question: How do I overcome my egoism?

5) Relationships fail when men are no longer like men!

The natural gift of men is to keep track of things, to make decisions, to pursue and realize goals, to take over and bear responsibility, also with regard to the well-being of relationships. Unfortunately, many women and men have lost this awareness. If a man does not develop his masculine gifts, strengths, and traits and take responsibility for his partner, it will be difficult for her to honor and respect him.

Therefore, "we men", let's be or become like real men in charge. Real men who have clear goals, who know what they are doing and why they are doing it! Let us not abuse our strengths or ignore the needs of the partner, but rather express ourselves clearly why we have chosen something so that the woman can understand what is going on inside us and why our decision is good.

6) Relationships fail when women take on the male roles!

When men do not do their part, it is not uncommon for women to slip into the role of men. They make decisions that affect the couple together, they move forward, make suggestions, create facts. If the man does not get going, in my experience the woman is always quicker in making decisions. She then becomes the one who has the say in the relationship and so the woman becomes a man and the man slips into the female role. If this trend is not recognized and stopped, this point alone can cause the relationship to fail.

A woman who oversteps her role to such an extent, who sets the tone and who has to have everything in her control, who wants to dominate everything, is just scary for men. When this tendency gets out of hand, men usually distance themselves and do their own thing. They then tend to withdraw even further and lose even more of their manhood.

But how can man and woman be able to love one another if the woman does not recognize the man as a man and the man does not recognize the woman as a woman?

7) Relationships fail because people disregard their Creator.

Who gave us marriage? Who created human beings as man and woman so that they live in relationship with one another and glorify God through their togetherness and their praise to God? Who created the man as a man and the woman as a woman, at the man's side? Did you know how a man is meant and what are the special qualities of a woman?

Everything that is wonderful and good comes from God. Most people in today's western world have forgotten this. They don't want to know anything about God and prefer to continue their own lives apart from him. They don't want to hear, read, or take God's word to heart. God is sad about it. He doesn't want that, he wants to have fellowship with us, including you. In Jesus Christ he came to earth so that man could be reconciled to God. Everyone who believes in Jesus, who believes that Jesus gave his life for our sins, has eternal life and eternal fellowship with God.

For all who decide against God and do not accept the grace sacrifice of Jesus, the consequences of ungodliness will last forever after death. But even before that, a life without God is characterized by senselessness, immorality and inability to relate. Only when you turn to Jesus Christ, realize that He wants to be your Savior, that He wants to reconcile you with God, will you gain access to the infinitely precious, incomprehensible love of God. The love of God gave itself to death for them (in Jesus Christ).

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