Are all twins the same

Gemini: Dress up the same or leave it alone?

As if an expectant twin mother didn't already have enough necessary and unnecessary things on her mind, she also has to torment herself with this question: What clothes do I get for my twins? In fact, I did research within the family, formed an opinion and, of course, didn't stick to it in the end.

I don't know why, but in my head twins were always dressed the same way. Newborn photos, school enrollment, a snapshot of grandpa's 70th birthday: twins always wear the same things in photos, don't they?
So when I was pregnant with my twin girls and needed initial kit, I had to make a decision. The same, similar or completely different outfits? I interviewed my brothers-in-law (early 30s, dizygoti twins) independently of each other. Brother-in-law 1: "Please do not get dressed right away!"Brother-in-law 2:"In no case don’t wear it right away!" The reasoning: "We're two completely different people. I always wanted to be perceived as Lars and not as one of the twins."Babies and toddlers still don't have a say. Getting dressed is almost a step after dressing up," said the two of them.

How should I decide who can wear the cute little dress?

Since I still pursued the ambition to become a "supermom" during pregnancy, I had decided: I will buy different clothes for my twins. My opinion changed suddenly when I held a denim dress in size 68 with strawberries embroidered in my hands. Oh my God! That was the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life!How am I supposed to decide which girl to wear this dress to? Of course I bought two. All the gifts came in a double pack: bodysuits, pants, self-knitted shoes, jackets. Everything twice in the same execution. Obviously, other twin mothers feel the same way: At twin flea markets, almost all sets were offered completely the same or at least as matching outfits. And so it happened that Fritzi and Emma wore the same clothes quite often in the first few months.

In the practical test, the world looks completely different again

Maybe it would have stayed that way if reality hadn't caught up with us again very quickly. A sweater is full of tomato sauce, a body is not ready to hand, a sun hat has been lost. At the backyard flea market there is only one pair of black jeans, at H&M the cute sweater is only available once in our size and Fritzi looks much better in red than Emma.

And: Strangely enough, I find it silly with other twins when they are dressed the same way. When the stylish identical neighbors twins grin at me synchronously from their baggy in completely identical gear, I almost get scared. Therefore, after 1.5 years I have significantly reduced the same clothes principle again.

The next big thing: matching outfits with mom

Since I had already given up the idea of ​​becoming a supermom after the first twelve hours with our twins, I already have the next big thing in mind. Matching outfits for mom and daughters. Say: The same clothes for me and the girls. Totally silly. I do not care. Is only for special occasions and the next Spaghetti Bolognese is bound to come!

Hella, mother of the enchanting dizygoti twin girls Fritzi and Emma (1.5 years), writes here. At the moment Emma loves her dungarees, which are much too small, with colorful balls and unusual hair accessories from mom, whereas Fritzi likes things simple, fast and practical. And I am grateful that I can slowly answer the clothes question with the two of them.
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