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25 Hollywood Legends: Which Are True, Which Are Bullshit?

by Julius Vietzen ▪ Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - 00:00

Cursed films, mysterious deaths, dark secrets, suggestive details on posters - we check 25 exciting legends from the Hollywood dream factory for their truthfulness: which rumors are true, which total bullshit - FILMSTARTS reveals it!

Bruce Lee's son Brandon Lee:

Murderedof Chinese gangsters

The legend: Bruce Lee's son Brandon Lee died in a tragic accident while filming The Crow. At least that's the official story. Because not only can this moment be seen in the final cut, his death (like that of his father) was also staged by the Chinese mafia because he divulged precious martial arts secrets.

The truth: A fragment of a real bullet stuck in the barrel of the gun loaded with blank cartridges used in the scene. When the blank cartridge ignited, this fragment was catapulted out of the weapon and fatally wounded the actor - a process that was far too complicated to have been threaded. This scene was also not used in the finished film; instead, an elaborate re-shoot was scheduled.

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