How do I get shredded quickly

The Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig has decided that male chicks may only be killed temporarily. In terms of animal welfare law, the economic interests of a company alone are no reason to gas the roosters from laying breeds. The previous practice is, however, still allowed for the time being, "since procedures for determining the sex of the egg are expected to be available shortly," according to a statement from the court.

Laying hens are bred to lay as many eggs as possible. The male chicks of such breeds are unsuitable for meat and egg production. This is why they used to be shredded alive after hatching. Today they are gassed and given to zoos as feed. Around 45 million young roosters die every year. The first paragraph of the Animal Welfare Act states that no one is allowed to inflict pain, suffering or harm on an animal "without a reasonable reason".

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia, which in 2013 forbade its hatcheries to eliminate male chicks, also referred to this. The companies sued and won the lower court. Raising male laying hen chicks is not economical, it said in the justification. Therefore, there is a reasonable reason to kill her. The Federal Administrative Court contradicted this in its judgment insofar as economic interests alone are not a "reasonable reason" within the meaning of the Animal Protection Act. Until alternatives are available, the continuation of the practice is still legal.

"The killing of chicks is not ethically justifiable and must be stopped as soon as possible"

Federal Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner (CDU) criticized the massive killing of male chicks before the verdict was announced: "The killing of chicks is not ethically justifiable and must be stopped as soon as possible," she said of the Düsseldorf resident Rheinische Post. "Killing animals immediately after birth because they are of a certain gender is not allowed." Your ministry is funding various procedures and initiatives with more than eight million euros that should make chick killing superfluous in future, said Klöckner. Consumers also have an obligation: "With their purchase decision, it is ultimately up to them to decide whether innovative processes will prevail or whether more and more eggs will be imported."

For a long time, scientists have been researching techniques to identify the sex of chicks before they hatch - with success. There are now several methods that can be used to do this through a small hole in the egg shell. However, these methods are not yet ready for series production and are not yet being used across the board. Supermarkets such as Rewe and Penny already sell eggs from laying hens that have been raised using an alternative method.