What is the best free bulk SMS software

SMSout Sending of single SMS, serial SMS and bulk SMS with the SMS sending software

Main screen Serial SMS software SMSout and SMSout Outlook add-in

SMSout enables quick and inexpensive sending of Single SMS, serial SMS and bulk SMS to a large number of recipients. You can send SMS without your own sender, with your own sender or without your own sender with an answer option immediately or at a specific time (date / time can be specified).
Any responses from SMS recipients can be called up using the free SMS sending software and saved for further analysis. The answers can also be forwarded by e-mail or evaluated immediately with the help of a script (example in the customer area) on your own website.

SMSout has its own address book to manage your SMS recipients. It is also possible to create different groups and thus divide the recipients, e.g. according to areas of interest.
The SMS recipients can download from a CSV file (text file with delimiters), from the Windows address book (e.g. for the recipients in Outlook Express), from Microsoft Outlook, from Microsoft Outlook in connection with an Exchange server, from SQL databases (ADO / ODBC driver required), imported from Microsoft Excel files or directly from a source on the Internet (e.g. using a PHP script).

You create your Single SMS, (personalized) serial SMS or bulk SMS. In a serial SMS, you can use fields for personalization, e.g. the name, in order to address the recipient of the SMS directly. The use of placeholders in non-personalized bulk SMS is not possible, only the placeholders for date and time may be used.
The SMS to be sent are temporarily stored in the "SMS to be sent" folder and are sent directly to the SMS gateway via the SMSout web interface by clicking on "Send and Receive".
All sent SMS are cached in the SMS software in the folder "Sent SMS" including the costs incurred for later follow-up. You will find any answers to the SMS sent in the Inbox folder.

All contact data, sent and received SMS can be exported as a CSV file (text file) and thus easily processed in any external application.

Tutorial import SMS recipients and send serial SMS

A SMS plug-in installed, so that SMS can be sent directly in Microsoft Outlook (from Outlook 2000 or newer, for Outlook 2010 and newer 64bit the 64bit variant must be installed). Please note that the Outlook add-in does not allow the sending of personalized serial SMS, the SMSout software is required for this.

For smartphones with an Android system, you will also find an installable app on Google Play (formerly Android Market) SMSout app. With the app, single SMS or non-personalized bulk SMS can be sent directly with the smartphone. The recipients of the SMS can be selected directly from the phone book of the smartphone; the SMS cannot be personalized.

The app uses the SMSout API to send the SMS, so an internet connection is required to use this app.

If your employees work in the network, you can install the SMS sending software SMSout on each employee's computer and enter the access data for the SMSout account created in the configuration. Also in the configuration you change the database folder to a shared network drive so that all employees in the network work with the same SMS recipient data and can also view the SMS sent by other employees at any time.

Use the SMS newsletter function (with / without double opt-in) to give your website visitors the opportunity to register for your SMS newsletter. In this way you can optimally inform your customers about news, parties and events quickly and cheaply.
A bridge is also available for the SMS newsletter for Joomla so that the SMS newsletter registration form can be integrated directly into the Joomla interface.

With the help of Mail2SMS interface it is also possible to send SMS with a conventional e-mail program or serial e-mail software, e.g. newsletter software SuperMailer, PHP newsletter software SuperWebMailer, Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird.

Send Text2Speech SMS with up to 1000 characters. No SMS is sent to the recipient, but called directly and the text of the SMS is read out.

Use the cheap medium SMS to improve customer loyalty, for event tips, parties, discos, bar news, competitions, sending of shopping coupons, information channels, ...