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Int. German determination of the best in the A-Cat on Lake Garda

25 years of Marinepool - Spirit of the Ocean

For the joy of sailing (or how to turn the hobby into a profession and then no longer have time for the hobby)

A company was born in 1991 out of friendship among sailing comrades. The globe was already chosen as the logo back then, because in the medium and long term the brand wanted to be spread around the world. Three guys from Munich took on the fight against windmills, it seemed, but it should show very quickly that this fight would be successful and so the brand went on a journey.

The now global success is based on several factors. First of all, there are the three founders, who couldn't be more different from each other in terms of their personalities. But it is precisely these different perspectives or the alignment of these towards a common goal that are the key to success. This is only one factor, because without the numerous friends, top sailors and associations from all nations who helped develop the brand, we would not be where we are today. Now what is missing is the most important factor, the employees who live Marinepool; because only through their use is it possible to develop the brand in this form.

The path from boat shoe importer to one of the world's leading manufacturers of sailing clothing and life jackets to maritime fashion label fills us with pride.

The enthusiasm of our customers for our collections is always the incentive to develop new, even more innovative products that give the customer pleasure every day, whether on the water or thinking about them. We want to continue here. . . because the way is the goal!

Stefan Eberle / Robert Stark