How can a Chinese learn Japanese quickly?

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RE: Japanese? Learn Chinese - this is the future!
First, I have been to both Tokyo and Beijing for work. From a purely subjective point of view, I prefer the Japanese. But this may also have something to do with the quality of chance encounters.
My moral point of view is this:
It may be that China is the rising world or trading power, but for me as an enlightened and liberal-thinking European, the bigoted mixture of ancient culture, dull communism and, at the same time, rampant capitalism in Beijing is difficult to bear. Tens of thousands make a pilgrimage every day from all over the country, first to worship the Mao mausoleum, then to visit the Forbidden City and then to admire branded goods from Boss, Nike and Swarowsky in the window displays in the Wangfujing pedestrian zone (of course, you can't afford any Be speech). Somehow I think they don't go together ...
Even Japan, especially now, can be viewed with a critical eye and in Japanese society and its leadership there are certainly many things that seem strange or even sick. But basically the people in Japan are free. They are not in China.
When it comes to expanding a company quickly and cheaply, it certainly makes more sense to learn Chinese because the Chinese produce cheaper than the Japanese. But if you take a look behind the scenes and want to know, for example, the working conditions under which T-shirts are sewn or smartphones are assembled, China may be a market that you would rather not help grow ...