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From old jewelery from the refinery to finished jewelery

Shortly after the war in 1948, it was founded by Chaim Abramowicz in Stuttgart. It began with the purchase of freshly cast gold and silver, which could be bought cheaply from Abramowicz and partners in bar form by an enterprising employee of a large and well-known refinery. Now these had to be transported to Italy, as there was no jewelry production in Germany at that time. The bars were brought to Italy by a forwarding company and processed there into real silver and gold jewelry. Then the gold and silver jewelry was transported back to Germany.

Gold Jewellery

In Italy, gold jewelry was predominantly produced at the time, as gold had a fixed price of $ 35 an ounce for many years, silver was dirt cheap and frowned upon like fashion jewelry in the better circles. There were several types of production that were used at the time. On the one hand, it was the manufacture of machine chains, the so-called punched type of production. A piece of metal is punched out with tools, which was also used in the production of car parts. The centrifugal casting production process was added later. At that time Italy was the world metropolis of jewelry production, with a focus on Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza, Arezzo and Valencia Po. To this day, in 2016, almost 50,000 jewelry specialists are still working in the jewelry factories located there. The largest to date was and is the "UNO A ERRE", this jewelry company also bears the hallmark "1AR".

The distribution of gold jewelry

After the currency reform there were of course very few jewelry stores and no jewelry in department stores or mail order stores. In addition, the jewelery shops were located in the high-priced so-called court jewelers area, i.e. jewels for the beautiful and rich of the upper 10,000. It was accordingly difficult to gain a foothold with these jewelers. The jewelry was sold according to weight, the premium was usually only 0.50 DM per gram.Selling arguments were of course the so-called commission business, i.e. buying goods to choose from. The value date for sales was also the topic. The jewelry was ordered and delivered but paid for a few months later.

Silver jewelry

In Italy, of course, silver jewelry has always been produced, as the same production methods for making jewelry in gold as in sterling silver 925 are used. However, the jewelry manufacturers only produced silver in the weak months in order to ensure that their production capacities were fully utilized. The so-called cast silver jewelry only came into fashion at the end of the 80s and only became affordable in Europe thanks to the Thai wages and was therefore increasingly in demand. The most famous silver jewelry in America in 2016 is that of Tiffany & Co.

The task of the jewelry wholesale

Now, as with all other types of jewelry wholesale, the tasks here are as follows. The jewelry wholesaler has the jewelry factories produce large batches at his own risk. This means that production can be carried out more cheaply, since a larger quantity is purchased. Then he tries to sell the jewelry at the best possible price in small numbers with the granting of exchange rights and credit. The jewelry wholesaling thus has a sales and credit function. Fair cooperation between the manufacturer who produces the goods and the wholesaler who then sells them is the be-all and end-all.

Now this form of distribution has outlived itself; today it mostly goes from the factory to you via the trade.

Pearl necklaces and pearl jewelry

In the 1950s, cultured pearl necklaces were imported from Japan, from the famous pearl city of Kobe, to the jewelry wholesale business. The Japanese had meanwhile succeeded in imitating the natural production process of the pearl with the Akoya cultured pearl in a very good quality. Later gold jewelry with Japanese Akoya cultured pearls was also produced. It was only later that silver pearl jewelry was made.

Diamond jewelry and diamond jewelry

This is usually about cast jewelry, which was offered in a wide variety of designs and barrel types. Of course, the design is also an important criterion in the production of diamond jewelery, but the manufacturers in this area mainly remain simple and classic. The most important thing about diamond jewelery is the diamond itself. That is why Ch.Abramowicz began to import them directly from the De Beers Sightholders, the major grinding shops in Israel and New York, and has been and is able to do so to this day Days to sell the diamond jewelery collections of GERMANY cheaply. Or do you seriously believe that real diamond jewelery costs 10,000 euros and is then offered for you at a one-time reduction to 1200 and that especially for you. These are banal moon price marketing methods for stupid bargain hunters who want to be scammed !!

Gemstone jewelry and semi-precious stone jewelry

The Italian jewelry manufacturers began to incorporate gemstones early in the 1960s. Of course, this significantly expanded the variety of jewelry and provided color contrasts. From expensive diamonds to cheap onyx, everything in the gemstone area has been processed. The oldest gemstone production found its headquarters in Germany in romantic Idar Oberstein. There have been stone cutters there for hundreds of years. The breakthrough of the gemstone jewelry was then again due to the Thai manufacturers with their significantly lower hourly wages to an export hit and made it possible to sell the gemstone jewelry at other price ranges; which of course the broad dimensions gladly accepted.

Fashion jewelry and wholesale

What is referred to as costume jewelry is usually anything that is made from base materials. Costume jewelry has been around for hundreds of years. But this was stamped as cheap jewelry and not really acceptable. It was even decried as a milieu ornament. Costume jewelry only became socially acceptable in the last 10 years. There were 2 reasons for this: on the one hand, gold and silver prices exploded, precious metal prices have increased fivefold in some cases, and on the other hand, costume jewelery was seen as a fashion accessory to match textiles. Here, too, the paths led and lead again via the jewelry wholesale trade, since the cost-effective fashion jewelry is only economical to manufacture in very large quantities, batch sizes of 10,000 or more.

Wholesale for resellers

Wholesale customers or commercial customers will buy from us at wholesale prices as long as you only deal in jewelry or process jewelry in any direction. We reserve the right to deliver after an individual check, as we also need certain minimum sales per product group.

The end consumer who only buys 1 piece of jewelry can of course not get the same prices as a dealer who gets 100, but the 1 piece prices for our jewelry are also cheap.

We need a copy of your business registration or an extract from your commercial register. Let us have this come by email, fax or mail. Then we do a credit check through our partner Creditreform. If this is clear, you can then buy from us at wholesale prices on account.


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