How useful is online learning

Learning foreign languages ​​online: how useful is it?

Today's modern man is shifting ever larger parts of his life to the Internet. Online shopping, online advice, even online dating - all of this is now as normal as its analog counterparts. Instead of looking up something in the dictionary, we google it, instead of buying a CD, the song is streamed. There are countless examples that prove that the World Wide Web has become an integral part of our everyday lives. The area of ​​language training is also increasingly being shaped by the Internet. More and more people want to learn foreign languages ​​online and come across a correspondingly wide range of offers. But how useful is this approach actually?

The possibilities are seemingly limitless

Probably the biggest advantage of learning foreign languages ​​online are the almost endless possibilities. In addition to the classic voice portalsThere are those who usually focus more on quantity than quality countless other offersthat can be perfectly tailored to each language student. For example, there are:

  • special podcasts for learning foreign languages
  • Online courses
  • Video courses (virtual face to face situation)

The nice thing about the wide selection is that you can find exactly the training that perfectly suits your employees - whether group or individual coaching.

The big advantage of online training

In-house trainings and other face-to-face courses have the advantage that there is a direct exchange between teacher and student (s). Many need this immediate feedback and contact with real people in order to fully engage in the learning process. But unfortunately there is also a not insignificant problem: Most analog language training courses are more or less inflexible. By being tied to a certain place and time, there is little scope for individual adjustments.

The situation is different in the case of online coaching. These can usually be totally flexible and individual can be used and moved without any problems.

Other advantages of learning foreign languages ​​online

  • students can learn at their own pace
  • the students can repeat individual exercises as often as they want
  • the students can integrate the exercises perfectly into everyday (professional or private) life
  • the students can create an individual learning environment in which they feel comfortable

Skepticism about technology

Let's come back to the fact that many language students appreciate and expressly want direct and personal contact with the trainer. The need for “real” interpersonal interaction is perfectly normal. Man is just a social being who feels most comfortable in society. The thought of communicating with another person using a laptop or tablet, or completely foregoing interaction and learning the language with the help of a podcast, for example, puts many off.

In this situation, there is basically only one thing that helps: Try it out, because “if you don't dare, you won't win”. Of course, it always takes a certain amount of time before you get used to the new learning situation. However, many language students who learn a foreign language online find after a while that the initial doubts and possible fears were completely unfounded. Because: If you kneel down properly and really sink into the vocabulary and grammar rules, you quickly forget all the trappings.

Not every online offer is convincing

It is crucial that you always take a differentiated look at the language offers on the World Wide Web. By no means every course has the level that is necessary to adequately prepare your employees for the professional challenges. Many online training courses can be viewed more as a basic or a refresher course. They often quickly reach their limits when the students want to learn business English or technical English, for example.

If you are looking for a suitable offer, you should be on the lookout for language trainers who specialize (among other things) in online coaching. In this case it is the rule that the lessons take place as video chat so that students and teachers can exchange ideas directly.

Real language situations are indispensable

Let us summarize again at this point: Online language training certainly has its advantages and corresponds to the modern way of things. They can be carried out at any time and place, allow an individual and flexible design of the content and adapt to the learning pace of the student. The use of modern technology is usually learned quickly and then no longer represents a barrier. It can therefore be said that learning a foreign language using the Internet makes sense.

!!!BUT!!! You should never forget that foreign languages ​​are usually only really internalized in real situations. So, despite the best online coaching, you will not be able to avoid consolidating the skills you have learned in practice. In a professional context, presentations, meetings, customer and sales talks, network events or the often feared conference call with foreign business partners are of course particularly suitable. But all other everyday and perhaps also private situations are perfect for deepening what has been learned online.

Our tip

Language shadowing gives direct feedback on the use of foreign languages ​​in practice and helps to put the finishing touches to the knowledge. Talk to us directly if you are interested in shadowing!

In the end, it's the mix of digital and analog options that makes online foreign language training a really useful method.