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Mayonnaise, 80%

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Mayonnaise, 80%

Mayonnaise was invented by the French and is now an indispensable part of the kitchen, especially in the area of ​​fast food. Whether with French fries, meatballs or in potato salad, mayonnaise can be used in a variety of ways and is used again and again. Mayonnaise is offered in many different forms today. Many manufacturers also offer new interpretations of mayonnaise.


Use of mayonnaise

Traditionally, mayonnaise is always made with the same ingredients. As a rule, in addition to egg yolks, these are mainly oil, salt, pepper, as well as some liquid in the form of water, lemon juice or even vinegar. Mustard is also often added. The mustard not only influences the taste of the mayonnaise. The mustard also makes the emulsification process much easier. The mustard is a very good emulsifier and, in addition to the lecithin in the egg yolk, plays a key role in binding the mayonnaise. In the case of mayonnaise, 80%, the proportion of vegetable fat is very high. The production of mayonnaise is always based on the same principle. If you do not proceed according to the classic procedure, you will not get the desired result of a mayonnaise with the typical consistency.

Making the mayonnaise

When making mayonnaise, it is important that the basic ingredients are well combined. First, the egg yolk, the salt, pepper, the liquid and the mustard are mixed together. Once this step has been completed, the oil is added to make the 80 percent mayonnaise. This is done drop by drop and very carefully, this is the only way to achieve the emulsion. Every imaginable oil can be used in the production of mayonnaise. In practice, however, a sunflower oil is often used because the inherent taste of the oil is not too dominant and the oil itself is also one of the inexpensive oils. The mayonnaise with 80% must be made with constant stirring. It is essential to add it drop by drop, otherwise the mayonnaise will "tip over or smear", as it is also known in technical terms.

The 80% mayonnaise can only be achieved with a lot of oil. The mayonnaise with 80% is the mayonnaise with the highest possible fat content. If the fat content were to exceed 80%, the emulsion would also tip over. In industrial manufacturing, huge containers are used with a hand blender. A centrifuge is also often used today. negative pressure and vacuum are used here. The vacuum helps ensure that the individual ingredients combine more easily. A hand blender is recommended for the household, as the effort required to stir with a whisk is very high. The mayonnaise with 80% fat content is now also offered in modern versions. For example, as a refreshing lime mayonnaise dip, or as an aioli. Aioli is the Spanish form of mayonnaise and is often served in Spain as a starter with bread and the typical tapas. The aioli is a mayonnaise, 80%, which is enriched with lots of garlic.

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