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Children are active learners. As an active observer, participant and creator of your world you learn ...

primary school

The single, small elementary school of the German International School Sharjah is surrounded ...

Secondary school

The lower secondary level comprises grades 5 - 10. Grade 5 is the orientation level ..

Upper school

In the summer of 2012, the first idea was put forward to have an 11th and 12th grade at the DISS ...

Welcome to the German International School Sharjah

Dear school family,

The German International School Sharjah (DISS) is one of 140 recognized German schools abroad. The DISS also received the title “Excellent School Abroad”, awarded following the 2016 federal-state inspection.

The school grounds, located on the edge of the desert, are certainly one of the most beautiful and enchants with its unique flair. Especially when the weather is nice, many of them relocate their activities under the palm-lined, spacious schoolyard. With almost 200 pupils in kindergarten, elementary school and secondary school, it is a very familiar atmosphere. There is a lot of closeness and yet at the same time a lot of space for the individual development of each individual student.

The pedagogical work at DISS begins in kindergarten and leads in a structured manner through to the GIB (Mixed Language International Baccalaureate) in grade 12. The GIB degree enables access to studies at colleges and universities worldwide. The DaF concept (German as a foreign language) begins in kindergarten and builds up continuously up to grade 6. Our career and study orientation concept enables insights into the following possibilities. The “Go Green” project gives everyone involved in school life the opportunity to get involved socially.

Participation in competitions, excursions, excursions, class trips and joint celebrations are, of course, part of everyday school life. The DISS offers a diverse and qualified AG offer in the afternoon.

In addition to our daily school work, we are continuously working to improve our quality. We are supported by the Central Office for Schools Abroad with regular on-site visits. Since the current school year, we have also been actively supported in further development by the local authority “Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA)”.

Best regards
Sven Hertner

Social life

Project GREEN

Against the plastic age

Plastic in the sea and the consequences for marine animals, but also for us - pollution of the oceans is one of the greatest environmental problems of our time.


After 6 years at DISS, I am infinitely grateful for the social foundation that this school has given me. Today I visit the University of Dortmund and volunteer to support social projects. I recommend this school to all parents who want to support their child individually.
It's a very special school. A green oasis in the middle of the concrete desert, a place where German is spoken with accents of different nationalities. In the last 40 years the school has developed into a school with children from over 20 nations. On the edge of the desert, the DISS not only has one of the most beautiful school grounds in the UAE, but also has a flair that is probably unique: with almost 200 children in kindergarten, elementary school and secondary level I, it is a family-oriented school community.
If you immerse yourself in everyday school life, you can feel it immediately: It's different from other schools! There is a lot of closeness here, but also space for individual development and experimentation. There is time for those who need time and time for those who have always been faster. Students and teachers are not separate groups. It is not holed up in the staff room or the headmaster is shielded by a snappy secretary. The doors are always open to us parents - that's what I really appreciate about the DISS.
The DISS is part of the network of more than 140 German Schools Abroad (DAS), which are funded by the Central Agency for Schools Abroad (ZfA) on behalf of the Federal Foreign Office. Funded by the Federal Republic of Germany and equipped with qualified teaching staff, the pupils of our school receive a bilingual education and obtain both German and an internationally recognized school leaving certificate. With its educational, academic quality and its multicultural profile, the DISS is one of the outstanding schools in the Emirates.

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