Eats calamari halal

Which foods from the sea are halal?

The Quran does not exclude any type of fish. It simply says that sea meat is legal:

For you is game from the sea and his food is allowed as a supply for you and the travelers, but game is forbidden from the country while you are in the state of Ihram. And fear Allah, to whom you will be gathered. 5:96

And He subdued the sea so that you might eat tender meat from it and extract ornaments from them that you wear. And you see the ships plowing through them, and [he subdued them] that you may seek of his gift; and maybe you will be grateful. 16:14

And the two bodies of water are not the same. One is fresh and sweet, tasty and one is salty and bitter. And from each of them you eat tender meat and extract ornaments which you wear, and you see the ships plowing through them, that you may seek of His gift; and maybe you'll be grateful. 35:12

The idea that bottom feeders are not considered Halal is because people concluded that its behavior is similar to that of pigs and therefore we shouldn't be eating it. This idea is a commandment to believe that it is Haram, if Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) have allowed us.

But of course the original rules for food would still apply:

What is forbidden for you dies of himself , and blood and the meat of pigs, and that upon which a name other than that of Allah was invoked, and that strangled (animal) and the one beaten to death and that fall from a and that kill by being struck with the horn , and what have eaten wild animals except what you slaughter and what is sacrificed on stones that are set up (for idols) and which you divide with the arrows; that is a transgression. On that day, those who do not believe have despaired of your religion, so do not fear them and fear me. On this day I perfected your religion for you and completed my favor for you and chose Islam as your religion. But whoever is compelled by hunger and is not deliberately inclined to sin is surely Allah 5: 3

The hadith you quoted above already explains that sea meat has already been properly slaughtered to slaughter it yourself and invoke Allah's name.


Bottom feeders and vermin and the like fall under the category of khaba'ithaat, not tayyibaat, and therefore they are not allowed to eat us


@ Ansari: Is there a deeper explanation for this? I know a lot of Muslims (Shafii) who eat bottom feeders like catfish.


@Muz - I'll look up my notes inshaAllah if you remind me in a few days :) At the moment, I may have used the term bottom feeder incorrectly. Wikipedia says that not all bottom feeders are detritivores, and if I remember correctly, this is a category of animals that are considered dirty and unfit to eat (khabeethah as opposed to tayyibah, pure).


JazakAllah nesreen, although that's what @ansari mentions is what I heard about. I would like to know more.


@Pureferret his notes are correct. Anything that you would consider disgusting culturally falls under "khaba'ithaat" that we cannot eat.