How do you motivate highly qualified employees

Lead and motivate individualists

"Leading and motivating individualists" is the title of a new seminar that the Institute for Integral Living and Working Practice (ilea), Esslingen, has developed for executives and project managers. According to the director of the institute, Michael Schwartz, the three-day seminar was specially designed for executives "from high-performance companies and those who want to develop in this area". In the seminar you will learn how to lead highly qualified employees who, in addition to a pronounced ego, have an individual value system in such a way that they identify with their task and achieve top performance.

According to Michael Schwartz, who also leads the seminar, dealing with this topic is important, among other things, because highly qualified employees usually do not allow themselves to be led according to the principle of "command and obedience". Rather, they have to be won over individually as comrades-in-arms - among other things through the way their manager communicates with them and integrates them into their decisions. This assumes that the manager not only knows what drives and motivates their employees, but also what their own motivations are.

A motivation profile for each participant

Therefore, in the seminar, the motivation profiles of the individual participants are first determined with the help of the Reiss profile. From this, they derive, among other things, what their "blind spots" are, which reduce their effectiveness as managers. Building on this, they deal with the question of how they can assess or even determine (for example with the help of the Reiss profile or the external assessment questionnaire developed by the ilea Institute) what motivates their employees and how they can lead them in such a way that they are mobilize their performance reserves for the company. How this works in practice, the participants reflect on and train on concrete challenges in everyday management. In addition, it is discussed in detail how the Reiss Profile diagnostic tool can be used for filling positions and roles, for selecting personnel and for resolving conflicts.

Those interested can find more information about the seminar "Leading and motivating individuals" from February 25th to 27th on the website of the ilea Institute ( You can also contact the institute directly (Tel.:0711/351 37 28; E-Mail: [email protected]).