What type of shorts men wear

Short pants for men - the fashion guide

Summer is getting closer and the temperatures are rising steadily. In one part of Germany a little more, in the other a little less. Nevertheless, at some point it will be very warm everywhere in Germany, so that it will be difficult for men to get past shorts.

So that you are prepared for the warmest time of the year, here are a few helpful tips & tricks for wearing shorts and try to clear up any ambiguities and questions so that you can go in search of your perfect shorts. Even two would be better.

With shorts, of course, much more skin is shown than with normal jeans or chinos. This fact raises some questions for many insecure men. Do I have to shave my legs now? Aren't my legs way too thin? Barefoot or with socks in your shoes? Flip-flops or real shoes? Etc. These and hopefully all other questions we will now answer.

Shave for the shorts?

The topic is quickly ticked off: For God's sake, please don't do it! Even if you belong to the category of jungle on your feet, this is still nicer than stubbly regrowing hair or even legs as smooth as a baby's bottom. The whole thing would be nothing more than unmanly to the power of 1000, because a little bit of nature is allowed. However, if your jungle is no longer in check, trim it with a hair clipper or whatever, but never, never and I never mean shave everything smooth!

Thin / fat legs in shorts

Admittedly, thin or fat legs are an annoying issue. Actually, you always think your legs are too thin or too fat. They are never exactly right. So what can you do about it? First of all, self-confidence is important. Dare!

Sure you reveal more of your body with shorts, but what the heck? Better than 100 C ° under the jeans and let's be honest, who has perfect legs? So as soon as the sun shines and it's warm, the shorts arrive. But what should you watch out for with thin or fat legs? This is not so hard.

Thin legs only appear thinner if you try to hide them. So don't wear baggy pants like board shorts or Bermuda shorts. Then your legs really look like the dreaded matches. This can be remedied by tight short chinos. The longer the shorts, the thicker / stronger the legs appear. Nevertheless, one should be careful.

Tight shorts that go above the knee often look very strange and luckily they are also difficult to get. That's why I recommend short chinos that end just above the knee. Your thighs will then also appear thin. However, it fits your body and the overall picture much better. Add a slim-fit shirt and the skinny look is perfect. That's the way you are, so stand by it!

With thick legs, the whole thing works the other way around. The shorts can be a bit wider, but please don't overdo it. The pants shouldn't be too long, as your calves will then appear shorter and therefore even thicker. Loose fit and short is the perfect combination. In addition, a T-shirt that fits the overall picture, which has a normal cut and sits nicely loosely and so goes perfectly with shorts.

For thin people there are even more tips here, for the somewhat broader group here.

Socks and shoes in shorts

Now we come to the topic of socks and shoes. Socks are such a thing in themselves. Anyone who finds it unhygienic to slip into their shoes barefoot should fall back on socks and in the best case buy one or two sizes too small so that you can only guess them in the shoe.

Normal socks that reach over the ankles are an absolute no-go. You can combine certain types of socks with certain shorts in a very cool way, but more on that in the next few weeks in a how-to on shorts. So just remember: No socks with shorts or, at the most, socks.

Whether you wear shoes, flip-flops or sandals, I would make it dependent on the weather. If it is really extremely warm, it doesn't hurt to combine sandals with shorts. If you choose closed shoes, you should refrain from high-tops and choose low-top sneakers. By the way, airy cloth shoes are always a good choice. Loafers and plimsolls are also suitable, but you have to like them. Classics are of course Vans Authentic or Kawasaki Player shoes.

Here you will find the how-to with possible combinations and current trends. If you don't know which color fits, just have a look at the article about color combinations.

I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to comment. If you like the article, I am happy about every I like statement, every tweet and every +1.