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You need to know about the garage ordinance and building permit

Building permit for garages

A garage is not always subject to approval. Whether it is possible to build a garage without a building permit is not stated in the garage ordinance, but in the respective one State building regulations (LBO). Here, too, the regulations differ from state to state.

Check with yours before buildingBuilding authority. Here you will be told whether the building project is possible according to your own ideas. If a building project does not require a permit, one is usually sufficient simple construction advertisement instead of an application. But Danger: Even if your building project does not require a permit, As the builder, you are liable for compliance with all requirements. Failure to comply can lead to the garage being dismantled!

Which federal state does not require a permit?

The German federal states can be divided into three groups with regard to the approval procedures for garage construction:

General authorization requirementPermission-free under certain conditionsGenerally free of authorization
Lower SaxonyBerlinThuringia
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
North Rhine-Westphalia

What must be observed?

Approval requirements and requirements are based primarily on compliance with the following parameters:

Size of the floor space or the volume of the room

The federal states give the Floor space or the volume of the room, which the garage must not exceed. The differences are considerable and range from 30 m² in Berlin to 100 m² in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Border development

Garages are allowed in some federal states directly on the border to the neighboring property be set. The specification of the border development specifies how much space may occupy the garage along the property line. The information here is also very different.

Wall height

The wall height of the garage is allowed in most federal states Do not exceed an average height of a maximum of three meters. If the garage has different heights (for example due to a gable roof), the mean height is calculated as follows:

  • Middle height = (highest point + lowest height): 2

Limit distance

If the garage in your state may not be built directly on the border to the neighboring property, the border distance specifies, how much distance has to be kept between the garage and the neighboring property. This usually varies by a meter.

Requirements per federal state

In our table we have all the important ones Requirementsworn together that you must adhere to in order to get a garageto be allowed to erect:

federal stateFloor spaceBorder developmentWall heightLimit distance
Baden-Wuerttembergmax. 30 m²max. 9 mmax. 3 m-
Bavariamax. 50 m²max. 9 mmax. 3 m-
Berlinmax. 30 m²max. 9 mmax. 3 m-
Brandenburgmax. 50 m²max. 9 mmax. 3 m-
Bremenmax. 50 m²max. 9 mmax. 3 mmax. 1 m
Hamburgmax. 50 m²max. 9 mmax. 3 m-
Hessemax. 50 m²max. 9 mmax. 3 m-
Mecklenburg-Western Pomeraniamax. 30 m²max. 9 mmax. 3 m-
Lower Saxonymax. 30 m²max. 9 mmax. 3 mmax. 1 m
North Rhine-Westphaliamax. 100 m²max. 9 mmax. 3 mmax. 1 m
Rhineland-Palatinatemax. 50 m²max. 12 mmax. 3.20 mmax. 3 m
Saarlandmax. 30 m²max. 12 mmax. 3 mmax. 1 m
Saxonymax. 50 m²max. 9 mmax. 3 m-
Saxony-Anhaltmax. 50 m²max. 9 mmax. 3 m-
Schleswig-Holsteinmax. 20 m²max. 9 mmax. 2.75 mmax. 3 m
Thuringiamax. 40 m²max. 9 mmax. 3 m-

How to submit the building application for your garage

If your state does not require a permit, you must have one Building application before building the garage Submit to the responsible building authority.

Which documents are required?

You need one for the building permit process Authorized draftsman. This is usually a Employees of the construction company commissioned by you. Together you sign the building application, the draftsman who is authorized to submit documents also signs the building documents.

These documents you have to that Building application enclose:

  • Building application form with building description
  • Extract from the property map with identification of the building plot
  • Site plan with the adjacent properties (have the owners of the neighboring properties signed as a token of their consent)
  • Floor plan of the garage (a brochure is sufficient for a prefabricated garage)
  • Plan of the outdoor facilities with all distances and access routes

How much does the building application cost?

For the building application you have to pay a fee of about 0.5 percent of the total construction cost calculate. Thus, the fee for the building application will be around 50 euros if your garage costs 10,000 euros. Please note, however, that you will have to pay this fee even if your building application is rejected.

Various Garage providers offer also one Building application service, in which they take care of the compilation of all necessary documents and their submission to the building authority. This service usually costs around 130 eurosthat but to be added to the fee for the building application.

Building regulations and ordinances are always somewhat opaque for the layperson. Fortunately, the procedure is at garages in most federal states quite straightforward. Your garage specialist is also available to advise you. Aroundhome will be happy to help you non-binding and free of charge *up to three garage providers from your region.