How to make a gaming chair

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a gaming chair in the office?

Everyone needs a decent chair at their desk, of course. Ergonomic and back-friendly chairs are good. Comfortable executive chairs are also popular. And for gamers who pursue their passion for gaming for hours, special gaming chairs are ideal. But of course you don't have different chairs that you want to constantly exchange. So how about using just one gaming chair? We would like to try to clarify that in this article.

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What distinguishes a gaming chair?

A gaming chair should ensure that a gamer does not suffer any postural damage even during longer games. In this respect, it is a good and sophisticated ergonomic chair in which you can sit very comfortably at your desk for other purposes.

Typically, gaming chairs are also designed to be sporty and are offered in bold, eye-catching colors. There is also a lumbar pillow (in addition to the existing lumbar support) and a pillow. In addition, it naturally has the same setting options as a normal office chair. You can vary the seat height and also lock and release armrests or the rocker mechanism, just as you want.

Thanks to this comfortable ergonomic equipment, the gaming chair can also be used in the home office without any problems. However, you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket when purchasing it.

How do gaming chairs differ from each other?

You have good ones Gaming chairs a large selection, but it is a question of taste and price which type of gaming chair you choose in the end.


It starts with the material. Because here you can choose, for example, between a wooden and a steel structure. In addition, there is the material used for the upholstery and cover. You can choose polyurethane covers, fabric covers or even real leather covers and various upholstery materials. It is important that the workmanship is clean so that nothing protrudes or is improperly processed.

Comfort / additional equipment

The more adjustment options and accessories the chair offers, the better. In this area, the differences lie, for example, in the additional pillows for the head and lumbar vertebrae or adjustable armrests, and tilt and rocker functions.


You definitely have to test the ergonomics with a seat test. Ideally, the chair fits your size and figure well and allows you to sit comfortably. Some chairs may now seem too hard or too soft, so you should try out what is most comfortable to sit on for a longer period of time.


All chairs differ in appearance, design and color. It depends on which style you like the most and which colors look best in your office.


The big price differences of the different models naturally come from the material and the equipment. Which chair you ultimately choose depends on your budget and your wishes. Of course, leather upholstery is more expensive than simpler materials.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a gaming chair in the office?

As soon as you have decided on a great ergonomic chair in your favorite design, nothing stands in the way of working on this chair. But how does it look in practice? What advantages does it bring and what disadvantages do you have to expect?

The advantages include the following:

  • Very good and ergonomic seating comfort.
  • With a bucket seat for a stable sitting position.
  • Protects the shoulder and neck muscles.
  • Many comfortable setting options.
  • Helpful additional accessories (pillows).
  • Sporty and lavish design - looks fancier than a normal office chair.
  • Increases the feel of gaming (e.g. driving games).
  • When using real leather chairs: very durable, robust, you don't sweat so quickly.
  • Some gaming chairs are also ideal for typing.

Unfortunately, there are also a couple of disadvantages:

  • High acquisition costs because of the complex and stable design and the high quality.
  • The bucket seat is stable but not ergonomic, so it restricts your freedom of movement.
  • The really good gaming chairs are often only available in real leather or PU leather, which is problematic with stains. In addition, the cleaning and care of real leather chairs is time-consuming. And: real leather is not waterproof!
  • Some gaming chairs are not suitable for the desk because the armrest means that you cannot get close enough to the desk.
  • With some models it is not possible to optimally adjust the headrest or armrest.

Conclusion: which chair is right for you?

There is no single right answer here. It always depends on what you want to use this chair for. Are you only at the PC when you play games or do you have to work mostly at your desk? Then you can't need a chair with large armrests that doesn't get close enough to the desk. However, you can benefit from the ergonomics and the comfortable features.

You should “try sitting” the chairs and ensure that they are stable and that they are made of an insensitive material. This is also easy on the wallet. However, it also depends on which design you prefer. The elaborate models naturally cost a little more. Alternatively, you can buy an ergonomic desk chair - or a gaming chair for gaming on the TV. But of course it is out of the question for office work.