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Whip the cream until stiff: 10 tips

Cream will liquefy if beating for too long and at heat. Why is that like that? And how do you do it right? Step by step to the perfect whipped cream.

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Whipped cream collapses in warm temperatures and becomes liquid.

When there is a thunderstorm outside, the cream does not stiffen - many people are familiar with this phenomenon. However, this is not due to the thunderstorm itself, but to the humid and warm temperatures. With the following tips it will still be perfect.

1. Whipped cream must be cold

The cream should always come out of the refrigerator cold and not have been lying in the shopping basket for hours. The workplace and the hand mixer should also be cool. If you can, you can put the whiskers in the refrigerator in good time and whip the cream in a cool place in the house or apartment. The reason: When heated, the milk fat can separate from the buttermilk more easily, so it becomes butter and not stiff, explains Hans Schmaus from the Bavarian Dairy Industry Association.

2. Select the correct mixing vessel

What applies to the whipped cream and the hand mixer also applies to the mixing vessel: It must be cold. Professionals put the mixing bowl or mixing bowl in the refrigerator an hour before the cream is whipped. The material also plays an important role. Vessels made of metal and ceramic keep the cold significantly longer than the usual thin-walled bowls or mugs made of plastic.

3. Fresh cream or H-cream?

Whether consumers prefer ultra-high-temperature cream or fresh cream is a matter of taste. They differ essentially only in the best before date. H-cream is treated with heat and therefore has a longer shelf life. Whipped cream can be made equally well from both products.

4. Choose the right fat content

Whipped cream only gets really stiff and airy with a sufficiently high fat content. Cream with at least 30 percent fat should always be selected for whipping. It's easier to whip, about a third more productive than cream with less fat - and tastes better. Because fat is always a flavor carrier.

5. Choose whipped cream without carrage

The result is even more luxurious with whipped cream without carrage. Most organic products can do without it. The emulsifier ensures that the cream in the cup does not cream, i.e. it remains homogeneous and liquid. But the fabric also prevents an optimal result when opening. Organic cream also often contains a little more fat than conventional products, which also has a positive effect on the result. H-cream always contains carrage.

6. Do not beat the cream for too long

How do you whip cream properly? This is how it works: Pour cold cream into the cold mixing vessel. Using the hand mixer, first beat the whipped cream on a low, then on a high level with gentle circular movements. Do not add sugar or vanilla sugar to sweeten it until the cream is already creamy. Stop as soon as the cream is stiff. If it is beaten too long, it will collapse. So every now and then take a break from stirring and check the consistency.

7. Saving whipped cream?

The problem: If the cream is whipped too long, the butter and whey can separate. Unfortunately, the whipped cream cannot be saved. But if you continue, you will at least receive homemade butter for the next sandwich.

8. Use the cream stabilizer

If the cream does not want to become stiff, cream stiffener can help. The powder also makes the whipped cream more stable - and therefore more durable. The little help is mixed with the sugar or vanilla sugar and stirred in as described. Another trick is gelatin. To do this, dissolve the gelatine in a hot water bath, squeeze it out, stir into some of the cream and then add to the rest of the cream. Powdered gelatin works too. Others swear by a pinch of salt or a squirt of lemon juice.

9. Chill the whipped cream

When it is hot, it quickly happens that the cream is initially stiff, but then quickly becomes liquid again and runs. If the cream is not used up quickly and completely, it belongs in the refrigerator. The cold at least delays the process. Always cover the cream in the refrigerator so that it does not take on any foreign odors.

10. Color the cream with food coloring

If white cream is too boring for you, a few drops of food coloring can achieve great effects. Paste colors and powders are best because they don't dilute the whipped cream. Cocoa powder turns conventional cream into delicious chocolate cream.

Video: whip the cream until stiff

The video shows the process in practice - from liquid cream to creamy cream for cakes or desserts.

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