How do you promote your business

Create and promote your own business. This is how you promote your business. Discard blind belief in traditional mining tools

This article doesn't fit my overall experience, but let's talk about key elements of promotion without your business not going to be stable.

Step number 1 - purpose

The first and most important thing for you, like the head of the company, is to set a measurable and clear goal. Why do you need a business Many of my clients who only happen on this stage lose hundreds of thousands and millions of what unconscious intentions realize.

For example, instead of doing the head's responsibilities 30% of his time, one of my clients was working on programming pages. And when he had a clear goal, the company's income grew 1.5 times.

Step # 2 - Who is your customer?

This is the main question that should be asked all the time. If you know who your customer is: what he looks like, has some habits, how he has, what he has, what he has, which he is willing to pay for, where he happens, where he loves, you have them Key to work with him.

Business is a collaboration between you and customers. If you don't know your client's portrait, the points of contact between you and your client may be very few.

Incorrectly selected target group leads to a small turnover. Usually such customers are very complex and have to spend a lot of time.

Step # 3 - Delegation

I will give you an example of when I myself felt very much the importance of the delegation. I was getting assignments for training materials, and having all the materials in my arms, I decided that I would do this work quickly.

It took 30 minutes to print the materials. On the package and fill the blanks another 40 minutes. And when I got to the post office, it turned out that they had something broken and had to send it tomorrow.

Considering how much time I walked (about 2 hours total) I realized that I could make a plan and sell three more such materials at the same time. And earn 2.5 times more.

The more you lose your functions, the more you lose.

The amount of work not delegated is proportional to the number of money lost.

Step number 4 - make a list of what you are already using to promote your business.

This is an important step when you are clearly looking at what resources you are already using. Don't be surprised if your list consists of 1-4 items. Many of my clients don't know that their business is important to promote, some didn't even get marketing.

Make a list and analyze what results you are getting with the strategy you are using. If you don't have a marketer or trainer to develop your business, it is important that you understand what is working in your business. How attractive is your customer to you?

Step number 5 - invent new ways to promote

What is the leader (owner) important? To dedicate it to its functions, think about the company's development strategy.

A good brainwarming-up will train: invent 2-3 ideas every day on how to promote your business.

Test and implement in the development of your company.

Step # 6 - Training

You can't know what you don't know (a lot of great people talked about it). That is why it is important to learn yourself. Much of what we're trying to keep up with was implemented at least 20 to 30 years ago.

Use 3 sources to learn - books, training, and coaching. They are not mutually exclusive and complement one another.

swellper second?Minuses
  1. You can read (if you want)
  2. You can take a lot of ideas from the good
  1. Choice of high quality books
  2. City time.
  3. It's hard to pinpoint what is right for your business.
  4. It is difficult to introduce knowledge
  1. Short in time.
  2. The ability to choose - appropriate or not
  1. Little duration
  2. Just aza.
  1. Give a lot of knowledge in a short period of time
  2. Get new skills.
  3. Opportunity to learn from practitioners
  4. VIP days allow you to disassemble your business and understand what to do
  1. Choosing a trainer
  2. It is important to highlight the weekend
  3. Fly to another city
  4. It is important to do this once a couple of months.
Internet training
  1. You don't have to go anywhere to study online
  2. Ability to ask questions
  3. Information + homework
  1. Choosing a trainer
  2. Training reports
  1. Warranty Results.
    (When the trainer gives)
  2. Personal approach
  3. All of the most effective strategies that will work for you
  4. Permanent meetings at the specified time
  5. Implementation of skills.
  1. Choose Cucha

Step number 10 - Gather contacts with potential customers

According to statistics, most people will only have 5-8 contacts (meetings, letters, faxes, calls, etc.).

Great when you are in sight. Start by collecting the database of potential customers on the website. Create some kind of bonus, a gift for the subscription.

For example, people enter your website - they offer you a free report, book, audio, video interesting to them interesting to them (related to your activities). They leave their name and email.

And you can send them interesting news, articles, and useful material. Use the service to collect contacts and send SmartResponder.RU

The harder it is to sell a product or product, the more time it will take to make a decision about trusting you.

Exists. huge amount of ways in which you can collect contacts from potential customers live. The idea is generally the same.

Step №11 - collect customer contacts

Great when you drive the customer database. If you don't lead, then start. You can simply ask your customers to fill out the customer's card with the data protection guarantee.

My customers often forget that, according to statistics, it is always easier to sell those who have already bought something from you:

  1. Your customers already have trust
  2. You can recommend your services to someone else or buy something else
  3. They have their contacts
  4. You don't have to spend time with incomprehensible people who still know that you won't or won't be your customers

Working properly with your customers is a guarantee of the stability of your company. To do this, it's important that you build your sales department, give clear directions, teach, appoint responsible, and sometimes review how they are doing with the job.

But that's just the beginning ...

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Starting your business, maybe someone who matters most can find the right approach and a decent idea. A lot is written about information to start your business from scratch, but still there are nuances that are very important in this matter.

Answers to the question of how to build and promote a business from the ground up ask yourself. The reason is that people tend to think about business when they are already tired of working for "uncles". Many want to realize and live a decent life of free living and independent man, and do not keep a penny all the time and can be of small content.

We start and develop your business

Where do you find Where to start Of course, from the simplest, but very important stage - the choice of ideas. Options Massa than to do in particular, no one will say. As there are many important nuances such as residence, competition, as well as the skills and abilities of a particular person.

Select the case

Best of all, in case, of course, in case it has a lot more chance of success than any other job. But not always a hobby can be a full-fledged income. Consider the relevance of a particular idea to your location. If you say you live in the village, then initially opening the supermarket or restaurant is inappropriate for you.

Push your own professional business, you can use it with additional innovations. For example, competently compiled advertising will help to attract visitors. To do this, use the services of experienced specialists. To change the concept, a certain amount of success can also be achieved.

Now that you know how to promote business from the ground up, be sure to get them a good result. Success for you

Live training on how to build a business from scratch

Create a brand image and logo. Your goal is to become a widely recognizable brand as this will build your reputation and encourage others to share your business. Develop your brand by putting your business logo on written accessories, business cards, signs, in brochures and leaflets, website design and signing, emails, as well as directly on the goods or their packaging.

Install contacts. Communicating with specialists from other companies whose activities are somehow connected to you is an effective form of business pufufion, as it enables your competitors to take care of useful references, a mutually beneficial partnership in the industry that complement each other, and disseminating information about your company to a group of like-minded people. Install links with other specialists as follows:

  • Present at meetings of the group you are interested in. You can find such groups and clubs on the Internet, as well as through newspapers and sector publications.
  • Check people out at meetings. Explain what your company is offering with what you are offering in order to match you with the competition and what you see in business relationships.
  • Include the relevant questions during the group discussions. In addition to promoting your business, you can learn many new things for yourself at such meetings. In addition, asking questions encourage other participants to have the opportunity to communicate, and in turn, to give them the opportunity to tell more about themselves.
  • Distribute business cards. Again, your face-to-face meetings with those who have expressed an interest in learning more about your company.
  • Offer free gifts. Hand out little things with your company's name and / or logo at corporate events, exhibitions, meetings with clients and even personal events with a large number of attendees. Things like handles, magnets, and calendars are good for climbing as they have the property used and remain in sight for longer periods of time.

    Develop relationships with customers. Customers are people, not numbers, and it is important to make efforts to build relationships with them. For example, sending new year's cards you will not only increase customer loyalty every year, but also a reason to call friends and acquaintances.

    Encourage customers to talk about your business. One of the most powerful promotional tools is to tell people about your products or the quality of your work with your family and loved ones. When customers are completely satisfied with you, ask them to recommend your goods or services to friends and family members. It is important to understand that people don't always do it automatically, and sometimes a small request on your part is enough to create a miracle. Let customers become your business support allies.

    Even the presence of a brilliant business plan, ambition, and strategy doesn't guarantee that the case will flourish and benefit. And not always impressive start-up capital leads to success.

    Statistics for Russian Federation Indicates that most new entrepreneurs close their business in the first year of existence.

    In order for your company to avoid such a fate, it is very important to consider the ideas of the promotion before starting. And how can I promote your business?

    Option 1. Unlock the business on the internet

    So far, using internet resources has been the affordable option to quickly grow entrepreneurship.

    When a businessman has some money, it is worth creating a full-fledged site for a new company (company, company). The originally decorated platform acts as a business card, advertising company. And useful, laconic information described on this website will become potential employees and customer customers.

    To create a website when your budget is very limited, you can use and free designers (deal with them will fall out of an hour or two):

    In order for the place to really give the effect, a novice businessman needs to be promoted after mastering the OSSE of SEO promotion. This enables the entrepreneur to get his or her resource on top articles on the internet.

    So if you want to be fairly easy to relax your business with CEO with CEO, implement the following principles:

    • Accommodation only unique content.
    • Drawing titles, subtitles in articles that act as advertising, attracting attention.
    • Apply the key requests.
    • Content design with images and videos.

    Useful advice: It is worthwhile to train more intensively on this topic. Superficial knowledge is enough to make elementary things or to control the work of freelancers that you have for this hire.

    To promote business, you can. There is an opportunity here to get a large number of customers. To do this, you can create a separate page for your company, a group.

    Today relax the business and with the help of such platforms:

    1. Live magazine (only as an auxiliary channel!).
    2. Catalogs of companies.
    3. Company blog.
    4. Internet bulletin board.
    5. Forums.

    Contextual media advertising for business promotion.

    PR articles can be used as advertising in your business. It also makes it possible to form an image of the media advertisement (banner) presenting the company to potential customers. So far, it's the cheapest option.

    Its essence is that a person clics goes to the video and automatically goes to the company's website. Banner advertising is effective when the text is done with the use of triggers competently from a marketing point of view.

    The advantage of this option is that the entrepreneur falls most clearly into his target audience.


    Option 2. How are you promoting the video business?

    This option of how to promote the case is also not free. However, financial investments can be minimized.

    To make a video about your company, it is not necessary to use the services of professional operators, expensive technology. Good short rolls are also obtained on a smartphone or digital camera.

    After the video has been assembled, it must be placed on the YouTube channel. The procedure for registering the channel is very simple, any user will cope with it. Detailed instructions created by video hosting developers themselves:\u003dru.

    If an entrepreneur does not promote a particular brand, and he himself, as an expert, the lessons will be even easier:

    In order for the video to get views, gathered its audience, the information should be made creative, creative. It's not interesting that everyone just watches a beautifully dressed man with a boring, monotonous broadcast about the benefits of your business. You have to show a mix!

    Option 3. How do you accomplish your business card and flyer business?

    Every businessman, an entrepreneur, the counterparty must have personal business cards in stock. After all, when entering into a partnership or cooperation, the companion must have the businessman's contact details at hand.

    Advertising about your business, including leaflets, can also be used to disseminate information. A small batch of such media is worth a penny and the benefits are great. Flyers can be distributed independently and hire a person to deal with the issue in crowded places to shoot a matter.

    Laconic business card and brochure that help promote the case must have such information:

    • address (if the company has an office) and phone numbers;
    • description of the type of activity;
    • advantages.

    If there is no way to order a batch of leaflets and business cards from professional agencies, they can be done independently.To do this, however, you must have at least the basic skills of working in an editor.

    Option 4. Help partners in business development

    If you play a peculiar role of additional advertising, an informant, other companies can.

    For example, you can agree on mutual cooperation. A strategy is developed that is beneficial to both parties to the business. For example, it may be a suggestion to get a good discount on one company's services for the purchase of goods on another company's specific amount.

    A good option for promoting your business can be viewed as simply personal - friends, trusted, relatives in their vicinity are talked about opening a new business that offers certain services. After all, the "Sarafined Radio" is the oldest and most effective way of promoting business.

    It is equally important that they not only promote entrepreneurship, attract people, but also retain your audience.

    Use the steps:

    1. An individual approach for each of its customers.
    2. Careful selection of qualified personnel Work with the audience.
    3. More stable improvement in the quality of customer service.
    4. Work with negative ratings and comments.

    To find your audience quickly, keep them going, keep promoting your business, use the few tips below.

    №1 The original name of the company.

    The company name needs to be attractive and easy to remember - it will be of great help in the job of promoting the business.

    Marketing specialists recommend applying these images that lead pleasant, positive emotions and associations of consumers. To make the right choice, you must first decide on a potential customer audience.

    №2 slogan, create logo.

    To be recognizable in your market, you need to find a unique logo for your company. The presence of its logo automatically makes the company authoritative. One such company is trust, which increases the number of clientele.

    Your logo needs to be placed everywhere:

    • Business Cards;
    • sticker;
    • souvenir products;
    • newspapers;
    • pamphlets;
    • sign;
    • brochures;
    • internet pages.

    Number 3. Attend thematic evenings.

    Necessary knowledge to obtain., Making new acquaintances, the businessman should attend theme parties, exhibitions, meetings. An entrepreneur needs to attract potential partners at such events, share their contacts.

    Perhaps one of those moment counters aren't ready to work with you, but tomorrow their decision may change. And even if you've never done this before, you need to get started, because promoting the case without communication makes the task harder to complete.

    №4 outdoor advertising.

    Despite the fact that the World Wide Web gives a number of benefits to those who want to promote the company, the effectiveness of the "result" has not yet been canceled.

    1. character
    2. banner
    3. Shields.
    4. Limits.

    For example, Muscovites can contact:


    In collaboration with local printed publications. You can place information about your company in newspapers, magazines, etc. For e-mail, brochures are created for e-mail, brochures that are short, but most clearly all the necessary data about the company. To promote the case with minimal financial investment.

    How do you promote business when there is no money? consultation
    Entrepreneur Fedor Ovchinnikov:

    №5 Profitable offer.

    After you have started all the methods of promoting your business, it is impossible to stop there. In general, the campaign goes on to keep old and apply new customers.

    Cheap offers help support. These can be promotions, discounts, cumulative scum. For example, when buying products for a certain amount, the consumer receives a 5-10% discount. It will keep him coming to you again and again. Or in the case of collecting some kinds of goods, services, additional functions the customer can get for free.

    If you understand how we can get the business going, your case will prosper!

    We must not forget that the market is full of competitors. Many of them are rather ambitious.

    In order not to miss your chance, you should always follow new trends and develop not only business, but also yourself.

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