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Roedale muzzle thread

Muzzle thread


We are happy to accept individual orders from all colleagues and end customers. We are also able to convert and equip complete forest and police authorities in the shortest possible time.


  • Collection of the weapon / s
  • possibly shortening of the barrel
  • Thread processing with post-burnishing of the thread - including thread protection cap
  • if necessary barrel coating
  • if necessary, determination of the meeting point
  • if necessary, noise level determination
  • if necessary, precision protocol with connection washer
  • noise log if necessary
  • bombardment
  • Punctual return delivery


We only transport your weapon with a courier who specializes in the transport of weapons. We are of the opinion that your weapon is more secure in this way than with the other usual parcel services. We charge € 38 for collection and € 42 for return including the legally required identification check. This is inclusive of our own transport insurance, which insures your property up to € 10,000.00 / package.



Muzzle thread / barrel thread

The muzzle thread is the connection between the gun barrel and the silencer. In order to avoid lamellar contacts of the projectile, it has absolutely top priority that a muzzle thread is attached exactly to the barrel axis. The alignment of the thread must be aligned with the core axis and not with the outer profile of the barrel. This can only be achieved by machine. We have a lot of experience in thread cutting and a thread is cut on the barrel using special techniques that we have developed. The thread diameter depends on the diameter of the barrel and the caliber of the weapon. We will attach a precisely turned or milled muzzle thread to your long rifle.

This service usually takes 4-8 weeks, but depends on the volume of the order from the fire department and, if necessary, on the type of order (deviations are therefore possible).


Collection and return of your weapon - Monday to Friday by a weapon courier and insured by our own transport insurance. Per way, 1 package up to 10 kg volume weight * (7 € extra must be booked for delivery due to personal delivery)38,- €
Shipping options: Appointment with a 2-hour time slot, advance notification by telephone, Saturday delivery - possible for an additional chargeRequests
Muzzle thread including barrel shortening (if necessary), grain removal (if necessary), muzzle re-countersinking, thread re-browning, greasing with high-performance grease, thread protection cap and new firing (please note the categories listed below for price graduation)from: 275, - €
Silencer adjustment (not applicable if SD is bought from us) ****15,- €
Shooting in (1 x ZFR) and determining the point of impact of your weapon with and without a silencer, including a connection certificate (customer provides ammunition) *****100,- €
Surcharge for the second ZFR50,- €
Surcharge for determining the noise / peak sound pressure level with and without SD incl. Measurement protocol ******30,- €
Adjustment of the gas system at SLB Browning BAR, H&K SLB 2000 etc.from: 85, - €
Gas regulator Sauer 303 incl. Installation & adjustment during test shooting incl. Sighting in 1 x ZFR175,-­ €
Gas block AR10 / AR15 including installationfrom: 150, - €
Trigger tuningFrom: € 75
Dry cleaning gun barrel25,- €

We have a discount program for forest authorities and fellow dealers - please inquire

* Price per package - packages are insured up to € 10,000.00. Single package: If the volume weight (length x width x height in cm / 6000) is higher than the actual weight, this will be invoiced. Package = gun case or suitable original cardboard box (which was designed for the transport of weapons). Guns in the case are considered bulky goods and receive an extra charge. Weapons z. B. be wrapped in old T-shirts or BW blankets and stuck in some sort of cut and glued bicycle or TV box, receive a handling fee. The codes for the combination locks of the gun cases must be communicated by email. Collection: Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Delivery: Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

** Staggered prices depending on the degree of difficulty / effort

Type a simple barrel change z. B.:BlaserR8, R93 / MauserM03 / Merkel Helix / Roßler Titan 6 / Sauer404 / Strasser RS05, RS14 etc.

Type BRep. Rifles z. B: Brunner, CZ / Krico / Mauser 98, M12 / Remington 700 / Ruger 77, M25 / Sako AV, 75, 85 / Steyr SM12 / Sauer 80, 90, 101, 202 SLB303 / Tikka 595, 695, T3, T3x / Zoli etc.+ 10 € surcharge

Type c SL rifles and similar z. B.: Benelli Argo / Remington 7400, 7600, R25 / and older Steyr rifles+ 35 € surcharge

Type DSL rifles and similar z. B.: Browning BAR MARAL / H & K SL7 and other G3 variants+ 35 € surcharge

*** From 15 € depending on the level of difficulty / effort.

**** The SD supplied by the customer and the guide will be adjusted.

***** Sighting in and determination of the point of impact, distribution of the weapon with and without silencer, incl. Shot certificate. Customer provides ammunition.

****** Determination of the noise / peak sound pressure level with and without SD incl. Measurement protocol. Only possible in connection with sighting in your weapon.




Click here for more information on thread machining and barrel shortening