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Quite entertaining: weird laws in the USA

America has its own laws: In Alabama, men are prohibited from wearing false mustaches in church. In Oklahoma it is forbidden to display hypnotized people in shop windows and in Atlanta it is forbidden to tie giraffes to lampposts. Read more whimsical laws and how they came to be.

The most beautiful paragraphs

Don't you think about crossing the street doing a handstand in Connecticut. And if you run into a dog in Illinois, under no circumstances should you make a face at it - you are against the law.

Even in Iowa, the headquarters of ARAG North America, strange paragraphs are not uncommon. For example in the small town of Ottumwa, which legally forbids the lords of creation to wave to an unknown woman. Or in Marshalltown, where horses are not allowed to eat hydrants.

There are hundreds of ordinances in the United States that keep people smiling and perplexed. So it's no wonder that our legal experts give people active support in dealing with a wide variety of legal problems. Our family company has been represented in the USA as ARAG North America Inc. since 1973.

How did the strange regulations come about?

How do the unusual regulations actually come about? And why are they rather impossible in Germany? The German legal system is based on Roman law and strictly follows established laws. The legal system in the USA, on the other hand, is based on Anglo-Saxon law. The jurisprudence is thus also based on the law, but precedents have greater weight. So judgments that have already been pronounced in similar cases - even if this happened 200 years ago. Such old resolutions were then simply forgotten and no longer revised.

Once Upon a Time in America...

Oklahoma still says that you are not allowed to carry a weapon in public view - unless you are being chased by an Indian. Or in the state of Indiana, where a law prohibits bathing during the winter months. Obviously a legal ruling from the time when it was definitely life-threatening to take a bath between November and April.

Other laws sound completely crazy at first, but are often taken out of context and only become understandable in relation to the specific case. In Montgomery, Alabama, for example, it is not allowed to open an umbrella in the street. The highlight: At the time when horses were the number one means of transport, this law was laid down because too many of the four-legged friends were simply frightened by opening an umbrella and searching for the distance.

In Alaska, on the other hand, it is forbidden to look down on an elk from an airplane. Probably because a pilot once dared to crash land. They even go one step further in the state of Maine, where it is legally stipulated that you are not allowed to get off a flying plane. An equally curious decision - but each of us can guess the origin of it.