How does the law of attraction work

WellbeingHow the Law of Attraction works - and how it doesn't

Meanwhile, more and more people come across the so-called law of attraction. But unfortunately you can also find countless, sometimes contradicting information on this. We'll explain what's behind the law - and why it may not have brought you the success you want.

Actually, we don't want to use the term “law of attraction”. For many people it sounds like esotericism and reverie. This is probably because too much bizarre and sometimes contradicting information is circulating about it.

Nevertheless, at the beginning we speak of the law of attraction, because many people only come into contact with the fact that thoughts create reality through this term.

What does the law of attraction mean?

There are two relevant things that science has proven related to the law of attraction. First: There is no such thing as solid matter, everything is made up of energy. Second: If we are honestly convinced of something or honestly expect something, it happens exactly that way.

An example from normal life: You probably also know people who have firm convictions - for example, that they will definitely get a job if you invite them to an interview. They succeed because they expect just that.

And to explain the example a little more down to earth: These people also appear in job interviews according to their convictions.

You can also put it this way with the law of attraction: In your imagination, these people have already got their new job. That means that they already embody the successful person - and consequently “attract” the corresponding event.

Like attracts like

This means that you have to have in your mind what you want in your life before you can even “put it on”. There are various techniques for this that are taught by numerous authors and mentors.

Basically, however, it is only about becoming the person you want to be only in your imagination. So when you have a desire, all you have to do is go mentally to the end of the desire that has been fulfilled.

If you do this consistently, you will automatically act differently, make different decisions and ultimately get new results - because you radiate a completely different energy.

The law of attraction fulfills no wishes

Incidentally, we do this unconsciously all the time. Just think about how you act when you want to have a cup of coffee in the morning. Do you think about what could go wrong on the way to the coffee machine, or do you automatically think about the end result - namely how you drink your coffee?

So the law of attraction does not grant you any wishes. Nobody, no law and no other person, can give you anything that you do not have within yourself.

You are the only cause in your life. If you have a wish and doubt whether it will be fulfilled, your life reflects exactly those doubts. If you don't love yourself and are insecure, other people will show you your lack of self-love and self-confidence.

How do I apply the law of attraction successfully?

There are actually tons of books and videos out there on the law of attraction that are easy to get lost in. Actually, you don't have to know more than that you are the only cause in your life and that your life always shows you what you yourself have caused with your thoughts - and that also applies to other people.

If you think another person is friendly and helpful, he will act the same way toward you. And if you think someone can't stand you, then neither will they. Other people can't help but reflect your own beliefs - that's how life works.

Especially when it comes to great desires, it naturally also takes courage to believe in their fulfillment - especially because we have grown up in a very conservative and mind-driven society to this day.

We haven't learned that thoughts create reality and that we are the only cause in our lives. On the contrary: We have been taught that we are very often helpless in life and cannot do more than we wish and hope. But that's not true.

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