Why is normal boring

"Normal is boring!"

Black or colored: With the J-Style everything is allowed, the main thing is that it is conspicuous. The fashion trend comes from Japan and has fans in Freiburg too. At the beginning of November, more than 30 young people met in J-style at Freiburg Central Station. Why do they wear such outfits and a Japanese nickname? Aliza Held and Victoria Gräser from class 8 e at the Kepler Gymnasium in Freiburg asked.

Zischup: Why are you meeting here?
Kiko: To make new friends and meet friends who live further away. And also to talk about manga and anime.

Sizzling: What are manga and anime?
Kiko: These are comics and cartoons from Japan.

Zischup: Why did you become like this?
Kiko: I have no idea, I used to be a hip-hopper, but then I found all this Japanese stuff a lot cooler and so I kind of slipped into this style.

Zischup: What does it mean for you to perform in this style?
Tsutsumi: We use it to express our feelings. It just comes out of me, so to speak.

Zischup: Do you feel comfortable in this style?
Umi: When you're walking around alone and everyone staring at you, I don't like it that much. And I hate it when people make stupid comments.

Zischup: What do you have against the normal style?
Umi: It's boring! I don't mind if you like it, but if you only do it because everyone is attracted to it, then it's like peer pressure or something. And if they then try to somehow be the thinnest or have the most beautiful shoes, then that won't do either.

Zischup: Do you often get conspicuously stared at or even spoken to?
Saku: There are often comments like "What's that supposed to be!" or "Is it already carnival?". But I think that's actually quite funny.

Zischup: What do you want to be later?
Kashi: I want to study animation design.
Kiko: I want to be a retail clerk, at a drugstore or something.

Zischup: Do you think you will have this style for longer?
Kashi: Yeah! Another year or more.

Zischup: What do you think: What is the age limit to wear such clothes?
Tsutsumi: Around 30 to 40 years old.

Zischup: What are your role models?
Kiko: Various Japanese musicians.

Zischup: What do your parents and siblings say about the way you look?
Umi: My mother sometimes finds it embarrassing and all that. My sister likes it, but then my mother says that she is not allowed to wear this yet because I talk her into it.
Zischup: And how old is your sister?
Umi: She's twelve now.

Zischup: What do your classmates and teachers say about your appearance?
Tsutsumi: I usually don't go to school like that, but sometimes there are stupid comments. But there are also those who like it. My teachers can't tell Mickey Mouse ears from cat ears! Most like my skirts, and my math teacher asked me about my pink shoes.

Zischup: What makes your style so special?
Kiko: There are people who think that pastels and bright colors cannot be combined, but that works. I mean, everyone does what they want with us.