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Since 1994 proviel has been the interface between the regional economy and people with mental disabilities. We employ more than 1,100 people - at the two main locations as well as in the external workplaces and as part of company-integrated workplaces at numerous cooperation partners. Proviel is active in a wide variety of industries and makes an important contribution to value creation for its clients.

Our identity has changed significantly over the course of more than two decades - we have always remained true to ourselves. Without blinkers and looking for new ideas and challenges, we see ourselves as an open-minded company with pronounced social responsibility.

We act in the spirit of our provielers and achieve optimal results for our customers from the economy with lived integrity. Industrial services, supplies for your products, extended workbench for your company - that is our profession and your advantage.

At proviel, social care and conscientious management form a symbiosis in the interests of the people and with knowledge of the laws of the market. Thanks to their double qualifications and curiosity, our employees in the social sector as well as the instructors and specialists in the individual sectors have special requirements - in relation to the private sector, the team meets a more than competitive standard.

We know what is important.

One vision, many hands, experienced cooperation and intensive exchange with the city, institutions, associations and long-term business partners make us successful. Professionally at eye level and economically competent; This is how we make the right decisions and develop our range of services in the interests of our clients.

We think ahead and are happy to pass on our experience. We implement this knowledge with you. Because: economic efficiency, professional quality and conscious interaction with people do not contradict each other!

Our services: assembly, electrical assembly, assembly and packaging, metalworking and processing, laser marking, control and testing work

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