How often do students receive scholarships?

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Scholarships are not only for gifted people, even if many scholarships are awarded by the gifted support organizations. In addition to talent, other things can also convince scholarship providers, e.g. B. Engagement in an honorary position. Or scholarships target specific groups, e.g. B. mothers who are studying or doing a doctorate, non-academics.

The search for a suitable scholarship provider may be tedious, but it is worthwhile. A study carried out by the Allensbach Institute for Demoscopy in 2009 (page 47 ff.) Showed that around a third of all grant applications were successful.

Scholarship providers

For example, churches, political parties, trade unions and companies award scholarships. A certain closeness of the future scholarship holders to the scholarship provider can have a positive effect.

Subject-related scholarship providers are also of interest, e. B. the Association of the Chemical Industry and Chemical Industry Companies, or location-based scholarship providers. The student unions or the municipalities provide information about scholarship providers who award scholarships depending on where they were born, where they live or where they study.

On the platform of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research You can find the current scholarship programs of many funding agencies, foundations, etc.
In a special from July 2011, Stiftung Warentest also provided information about scholarships.

By the way: Self-applications are expressly provided for almost everywhere.

The German Student Union does not award any scholarships!

Germany scholarship

The federal government's income-independent Germany Scholarship was launched in the 2011 summer semester. If the application is successful, the students have 300 euros a month in addition to BAföG benefits or other income.
If you have any questions about participating in this program, please contact the university at which you are enrolled or want to enroll.

Promotion grant

Another program for the promotion of talented students, the "Aufstiegsstipendium", is aimed specifically at those with professional experience. In addition, there are further funding opportunities for those willing to study who have completed vocational training.