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180 great old German names + 3 tips for choosing a name

Old German names are back in trend: You too can find a nice, classic name for your child. We have compiled and categorized 180 rare, unusual and popular old German names for girls and boys. So you not only have a large selection, but you can also quickly find what you are looking for. In addition, we give you three tips on choosing the right name.

Choosing a name for your own child is often not that easy. Should it be an old German name or something modern? Do you want to stand out or do you prefer an inconspicuous name for your child? We have unusual as well as classic and well-established old German names for you as well as three good tips for finding a name successfully.

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Old German names are back in trend

Old German names are back in trend

Where previously the focus was on individuality, so that the child stands out as possible from all other names, is now on tradition set. Old family names such as grandparents or great-grandparents are being added to the repertoire again. Old German regents like "Friedrich" or "Georg" are slowly coming back into fashion. Family awareness and traditional sounds come to the fore again.

With us you will find many names that have been popular in Germany for several decades or centuries. You will have heard many of them before, but there are also some that will surprise you. Let yourself be inspired by our compilation or put together a double name from two classic names.

The reason for their comeback

Old German names have one history. They have been around for so long that many famous people, kings and queens, have worn them too. Literary characters are also very popular. Thus, the children with such a name usually make a good first impression. Their names stand for tradition and literacy, among other things, and are associated with a rather conservative attitude by others.

Old German names sound serious and are presumably intended to secure the offspring's professional future. There is no risk that your child will suddenly fall into a prejudiced group of names like "Kevin" or "Chantal" or that many other children will have the same name because it is particularly fashionable. Parents appreciate the fact that old German names are not as conspicuous, but that they make a good impression. In addition, there are old German names that are special and individual today, but do not stand out negatively.

The right name for your child: 3 tips

The right name for your child

Parents-to-be are often harshly judged. Especially when it's the first child, they want to do everything right. In order to be able to make the right decision, however, perfectionism sometimes has to be abandoned. This is also good training for parental leave when the child is born and everything will not always go perfectly.

It is good if you get the responsibilityare aware of choosing your child's name. But you shouldn't drive yourself unnecessarily crazy. Many parents do not choose their child's name until after they are born, when they have seen their baby's face and can judge whether the name suits them.

However, it is always helpful if you can somehow limit the choice of name. If you know whether it's going to be a boy or a girl, you can have a good one Make a preselection. But even if not, there are some clues that you can use to narrow down the numerous options. We have three tips for you to help you find the right name for your child.

Make a preselection

Try a few names in advance with your partner to exclude. Maybe you already recognize a pattern and know what is definitely not your taste. Suitable criteria are, for example, names that sound French, English or Scandinavian. You can also decide whether you like old German names or prefer to exclude them. Also pulls that Names of your parentsor grandparents Consider and counsel whether they are even an option or whether you can also exclude them. When in doubt, ask friends and family for advice.

Find compromises

If you can't agree, just go for one Double names or one Name combination. A double name from an old German and a modern name always sounds interesting. The two names should sound good together, however, and sound melodic. Gather some modern and some old names and mix them up wildly. Which one sounds best? Pick out three favorite names and work your way up slowly.

Another possibility is to combine two names that you both like. For example, if you both want to include your parents, create a new name out of both of them. Suppose you have a daughter. His mother is called "Helga" and her mother is "Marlene". From this one can form the name "Helene", which is satisfactory for both sides. Get creative and let your imagination run wild. “Clemens” and “Theo” could become “Cleo”.

They don't have to be parents' names either. When you're ready to both have a favorite, just combine these two names. For example, “Anna” and “Michaela” could easily become “Anela”. Play with your options and get involved with each other.

Avoid celebrity names

Avoid celebrity names

It is always critical to choose the child's name after a prominent person or a fictional character. A prime example of this is the Kevin boom after the film "Home Alone". A more recent example is the name "Mila" for girls, after the actress Mila Kunis became more famous. Even if Mila is a nice name, parents should be prepared for the fact that many other parents had the same idea.

In addition, they should be aware that other people also consciously link to prominent people or fictional characters. After Disney's "Frozen" hit theaters, girls were called Anna or Elsa more often. At school or later in the professional world, this choice of name may seem ridiculous to one or the other because it is a excessive fan behavior by parents shows.

An added risk is that if you've named your child after a contemporary celebrity, you suddenly won't find them that great anymore. You could yours Regret choicewhen your offspring always reminds you of someone you can't stand anymore.

40 popular old German girls' names

Popular old German girl names

Below you will find popular old German girl names. Most of them actually have their origin in Germany, but some were simply popular in Germany earlier and originally come from another country. For example, “Emma” is actually an original old German name that has long been used as a short form for names with “Erm-” or “Irm-” at the beginning. The name was given very often in the 19th and 20th centuries. Then it disappeared again and is now experiencing a new high. Because the name is so short, it's especially good for double names.

A name from abroad that was borrowed and then included in the German repertoire is "Charlotte". It was particularly popular at the beginning of the 20th century. Its popularity fell sharply in the 1930s and it made its comeback in the 1980s. Since then it has been a constant and popular name in Germany.

  1. Emma
  2. Ella
  3. Emmi
  4. Karla
  5. Frederike
  6. Charlotte
  7. Johanna
  8. Hanna
  9. Almut
  10. Alma
  11. Amalia
  12. Berta
  13. Eleanor
  14. Franka
  15. Frieda
  16. Johanna
  17. Paula
  18. Gesa
  19. Margarete
  20. Henrike
  21. Henriette
  22. Helena
  23. Irma
  24. Luisa
  25. Lotte
  26. Mathilda
  27. Marie / Maria
  28. Thea
  29. Theresa
  30. Karolina
  31. Victoria
  32. Lilly
  33. Catherine
  34. Clare
  35. Thekla
  36. Ernestine
  37. Elsa
  38. Grete
  39. Amalie
  40. Irma

40 popular old German boy names

Popular old German boy names

As with the old German girls' names, there are also some non-German names that have become firmly established over time. For example, "Kaspar" was taken from Persian. It is the Persian word for "treasurer" and was naturalized by Christianity in Germany mainly through the story of the Three Kings.

A name of German origin that was also very popular for a long time is "Wilhelm". In the 19th and 20th centuries, it was one of the most popular German boy names. Its popularity has gradually declined since the 1920s. However, his imperial background, his long tradition and his classic sound fit exactly with the current old German name trend.

  1. Maximilian
  2. Felix
  3. Leopold
  4. Friedrich
  5. George
  6. Arthur
  7. Kaspar
  8. Benno
  9. Wilhelm
  10. Benedict
  11. Karl
  12. Johann
  13. Oscar
  14. Richard
  15. Eike
  16. Peter
  17. Hendrick
  18. Moritz
  19. Fred
  20. Frederik
  21. Fridolin
  22. Fritz
  23. Hauke
  24. Henrick
  25. Henri
  26. Henning
  27. Konrad
  28. Levin
  29. Kuno
  30. Lennard
  31. Leonhard
  32. Otto
  33. Robert
  34. Paul
  35. Theodore
  36. Timm
  37. Lian
  38. Constantine
  39. Tjark
  40. Carsten

10 names of Roman-German women rulers for girls

This list includes very old names from the Early middle ages and middle Ages. Although women only exercised their rulership rights in exceptional cases, they were officially considered Queens or Empresses. In contrast to those of their husbands, their names are not all of German descent, but have nonetheless established themselves in Germany and are particularly rare and interesting today. The indication "King / Emperor" means that the regent was first king and later emperor. The year information always refers to the year of the marriage.

  1. Hemma (wife of King Ludwig II, from 827)
  2. Oda (wife of King / Emperor Arnulf of Carinthia, around 888)
  3. Kunigunde (wife of King Konrad I, from 913)
  4. Adelheid (wife of King / Emperor Otto I the Great, from 951)
  5. Matilda (wife of King / Emperor Heinrich V, from 1114)
  6. Konstanze (wife of King / Emperor Heinrich VI., From 1186)
  7. Maria (wife of King / Emperor Otto IV of Braunschweig, from 1214)
  8. Isabella (wife of King / Emperor Friedrich II., From 1225)
  9. Bianca (wife of King / Emperor Friedrich II., From 1250)
  10. Eleonore (wife of King / Emperor Friedrich III., From 1452)

10 names of Roman-German rulers for boys

Some of these ruler's names will probably sound familiar to you. However, when looking for a name, one often forgets how many options there are. We have put together a few beautiful male names of famous rulers for you so that you can quickly find the right name. Additionally, we've added the time and place of the reign so that you can better understand the name.

The advantage of ruler's names is that they have something to do with them Graceful and Royal is connected. Not only do most people learn something about former rulers in school and can associate something with these names, they also have an impressive sound. However, avoid combining two ruler's names into a double name. That easily makes an arrogant impression.

  1. Ludwig (Ludwig II. The German, East Franconian King 843–876)
  2. Konrad (Konrad I, East Franconian King 911-918)
  3. Philipp (Philip of Swabia, Roman King 1198–1208)
  4. Maximilian (Maximilian I, Roman-German King from 1486, Roman Emperor 1508–1519)
  5. Karl (Karl V, Roman-German King from 1519, Roman Emperor 1520–1556)
  6. Ferdinand (Ferdinand I, Roman-German King from 1531, Roman Emperor 1558–1564)
  7. Matthias (Roman-German King and Emperor 1612–1619)
  8. Leopold (Leopold I, Roman-German King and Emperor 1658–1705)
  9. Joseph (Joseph I, Roman Emperor 1705–1711)
  10. Franz (Franz I, Roman-German King and Emperor 1745–1765)

40 old German names with Germanic origins for girls

Maiden names with Germanic origins

These names are not necessarily popular or popular, but maybe because of that they are perfect for you. They are all old names with Germanic origins that have been around for a very long time and have therefore been forgotten. Perhaps you know a few names from your grandparents 'or great-grandparents' generation.

For example, names like “Waltraud”, “Edeltraud”, “Frauke” or “Roswitha” are certainly heard more often today than long forgotten names like “Brunhilde”, “Thialda”, “Deike” or “Vanadis”. Let yourself be inspired by the tried and tested, read a bit in medieval literature and create completely new names with the help of modern names, for example "Lisa-Emmeline".

  1. Adelheid
  2. Adelma
  3. Alida
  4. Amal
  5. Amalie
  6. Bernarda
  7. Brunhilde
  8. Deike
  9. Eila
  10. Elvira
  11. Elke
  12. Emmeline
  13. Edeltraud
  14. Ernestine
  15. Evke
  16. Fara
  17. Freya
  18. Frauke
  19. Finja
  20. Gundula
  21. Heidemarie
  22. Hemma
  23. Henriette
  24. Henrike
  25. Ida
  26. Beekeeping
  27. Ina
  28. Isolde
  29. Mathilde
  30. Milda
  31. Rosamunde
  32. Roswitha
  33. Selma
  34. Sigune
  35. Silke
  36. Svea
  37. Thialda
  38. Ulrike
  39. Vanadis
  40. Waltraud

40 old German names with Germanic origins for boys

Boy names with Germanic origins

The following names are old Germanic first names and sometimes even surnames that have been lost over the years. You have probably heard the name "Albert" as a first or last name. It is exactly the same with “Egbert” or “Helmut”. In contrast, names such as “Arwin”, “Ehrwald”, “Theobald”, “Leif” or “Walbert” have become much rarer in this country.

Let yourself be inspired by a few forgotten names, come up with new names or combine a modern and an old German name. How about, for example, “Jonas-Arwin”, “Ben-Enno”, “Leif-Elias” or “Tristan-Luca”. Ultimately, at some point the child can decide for themselves how they want to be called.

  1. Adalald
  2. Albert
  3. Alfons
  4. Almar
  5. Archibald
  6. Anno
  7. Arwin
  8. Berwin
  9. Carl
  10. Egbert
  11. Eduard
  12. Ehrwald
  13. Enno
  14. Falk
  15. Guido
  16. Gunthar
  17. Gustav
  18. Haribald
  19. Hauke
  20. Haimo
  21. Helmut
  22. Irmin
  23. Tristan
  24. Knut
  25. Kuno
  26. Kurt
  27. Leopold
  28. Leif
  29. Ole
  30. Oswin
  31. Otto
  32. Ralf
  33. Rainer
  34. Raimund
  35. rune
  36. Sungard
  37. Theobald
  38. Thilo
  39. Till
  40. Walbert

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