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Digital transformation or digital disruption in retail

This book shows how traditional retail can virtually reinvent itself in the course of digital transformation and bring digital knowledge into the house. Renowned authors from science and practice explain which goals are being pursued with digitization and which digital strategies should ultimately be adopted. “Digital Insiders” assume that no industry will be spared from the disruptive, digital change in the medium to long term. Every attractive market segment is fueled by investors until a digital player prevails. Anyone who wants to run a successful business in the future needs an answer. Following the example of digital disruption, the greatest growth dynamic can undoubtedly develop with Online Pure Plays: They grow “without ballast and contaminated sites” at unbelievable speed. However, the Pure Plays rarely advance the urgently needed digital transformation in the traditional business. This work clarifies the possibilities of digitization and presents the best practices for digital disruption Alibaba, zooplus, Mister Spex, fahrrad.de and vente-privee, for digital adoption MG on eBay, Beiersdorf, Bonial / kaufDA, TriPos and Pfister, and finally, as top examples of successful digital transformation, Thalia, Axel Springer, Conrad Electronic and UNITO.

The publishers

Prof. Dr. Gerrit Heinemann is professor for business administration, management and trade as well as head of the eWeb Research Center at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences. He also holds various supervisory board functions in e-commerce and trading companies.

H. Mathias Gehrckens is co-founder and managing partner of dgroup, based in Düsseldorf.

Uly J. Wolters is co-founder and managing partner of dgroup, based in Hamburg.

dgroup is a digital service provider with locations in Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Berlin as well as cooperation partners in the USA, France and China, which implements projects in the digital world with highly specialized experts in the areas of consulting, creation and innovation.