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Web hosting

Our most affordable package - suitable for simple websites.

€ 4.79 / month

WordPress hosting

Optimized for WordPress websites - higher speed and improved usability.

€ 4.79 / month

WordPress ecommerce hosting

With over 75 free WooCommerce extensions, your online shops are set up in no time at all.

€ 17.99 / month

Business hosting

Reserved speed for e-commerce websites, CMS with lots of plug-ins, or websites with high traffic.

€ 20.39 / month

VPS hosting

Ideal for web designers and developers working on multiple projects.

€ 5.99 / month

Dedicated server

Highly customizable for resource-intensive web applications - and high speed.

€ 119.99 / month

Which hosting plan is best for you?

Lower costs.

Web hosting (or shared hosting) is the most budget friendly type of hosting. Because you share resources (like you and your neighbors share the building where the condominiums are), costs go down, but you have less control and fewer options.

More efficient.

With a vServer (VPS) and business hosting, certain parts of the capacity and processor performance of a web server are reserved for individual customers. As with a condominium, the room (the storage space on the server) is freely available.

Maximum Performance.

Dedicated server hosting - your own villa, so to speak - offers unlimited resources at a premium price. You can choose from unlimited access and managed packages. It's your choice.

Affiliate Programs

GoDaddy Pro

Reduce the administrative burden of client websites so you can spend more time getting creative.

What Makes GoDaddy the # 1 Web Host?

Excellent support

Seven-time winner of the Stevie® Award for “exceptional customer service”.

The vision for our mission

We've helped nearly 20 million people get online. You can count on us to help you too.

All in one place

You can start, manage and expand your online presence from a central location - from the .com address to SSL encryption.

What is hosting?

Websites are stored or "hosted" on a publicly accessible computer (a server). Some websites require a complete stand-alone server. Other websites share a server with hundreds of other websites. The respective hosting package consists of the storage space and the associated functions.