Is it true that Venus will terraform?

Venus - Is She Destined To Be Hell?

The question you are asking is a bit vague. It is not clear whether you are wondering whether Venus can be terraformed or whether you want to change its morphology as a planet altogether to see if life might have evolved on it.

When you talk about terraforming Venus, you will still encounter many obstacles. The main problem here would be to reduce the temperature from over 400 degrees Celsius to something more manageable, for example towards 50 degrees. However, the scope of this task would be enormous. In addition, you need to modify the atmosphere so that it is not only breathable, but also make sure that the levels of CO2 and sulfur dioxide are reduced enough to reduce the greenhouse effect. The earth itself, in earlier stages, went through a state similar to a planet where volcanic activity resulted in enormous amounts of CO2. However, the reason it was able to sprout life forms was because of the presence of hydrogen, which is very rare on the surface of Venus. Therefore, a "successful" terraforming of Venus could only be traced back to the fact that humans create floating platforms on which they can grow everything they need for maintenance. However, this is not a viable result of a terraforming process and may only be used for research purposes (hence these platforms would mainly be inhabited by scientists like the research bases in Antarctica) or in the extreme case the earth suffered from a harrowing disaster and people no longer have places to go to.

However, when you ask if Venus could be a planet humans could live on if its morphology had been different from the start, the answer is not that easy to determine. Basically, this question would depend on which factors have to come together for a planet to support life forms. From then on, the question branches out into different aspects: Does life on this planet have the same needs as life on earth? Will there be sentient life on a planet with different conditions? How would these different conditions affect the behavior and even the thinking of these life forms? So if this is the second case, your overall question is a bit vague and you may need to think more about it.