Which are the least paid skilled occupations

Paycheck: How much do you earn as ...?

According to the Federal Training Act (BAG), as an apprentice you are entitled to remunerationApprentice income (formerly: apprentice compensation). The old, somewhat derogatory sounding term "apprenticeship compensation" was renamed with an amendment to the Vocational Training Act 2020 and replaced by the new, more appreciative term "apprenticeship income".

The amount of the apprentice's income (apprentice compensation) is based on the regulations in the applicable collective agreement. If there is no collective agreement regulation for your profession or the industry, then the collective agreement regulation for a related or similar apprenticeship will apply. The amount of your apprenticeship income (apprentice compensation) is recorded in the apprenticeship contract. You will also receive this during your vocational school and exam times. And as a rule, the remuneration increases over the duration of your apprenticeship and increases from year to year.

Your Starting salary According to the apprenticeship, it also depends on which collective agreement applies to you or your company and to which collective agreement you are classified. In professional life, too, salaries usually increase gradually - with increasing professional experience and advancement to more responsible positions. Therefore, it is not possible to say in general how high a salary is for a specific occupation.