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Desired applicants

How companies recruit new employees

The IT job market is a job market. Candidates have high expectations and companies have to come up with a lot to find suitable applicants. Our focus takes a look at new recruiting methods and gives tips on how to find a job.

The number of vacancies for IT specialists is increasing and increasing. A labor market study by the digital association Bitkom from the end of 2018 names 82,000 IT positions. According to Bitkom, 55,000 positions were vacant in this area in 2017 - an increase of 49 percent. Bitkom Research interviewed more than 800 managing directors and HR managers from all industries for the representative study. They stated that IT positions would take longer to be filled than in other areas of the company and the majority of them expect this shortage of skilled workers to worsen in the future.

This article is about the new paths companies are taking to survive in the dynamic job market. You experiment with unusual methods of approaching applicants and are active on new recruiting channels.

The high number of vacancies creates a comfortable starting position for applicants. However, the new recruiting trends are also changing a lot for them. A good presentation on career portals is becoming increasingly important. What applicants should look out for when looking for a job is the topic of the article on page 70.

For most IT jobs, employers expect programming skills. But it is not enough to be able to produce code in a quiet little room. The article on page 82 explains how to train your abilities to work with others in agile teams and how to prove that you can keep track of even larger projects.

The management consultancy Accenture employs 482,000 people worldwide. Dr. Jochen Malinowski is the managing director for the New IT division and is responsible for around 1,700 IT specialists. The cloud and the strong trend towards automation will bring about major changes for his customers, he reports. “It's about understanding, analyzing and adapting available tools. Software development alone is no longer enough, ”says Malinowski. At the same time, companies are asking themselves: "How can we get as fast as Google, Apple, Amazon?" Accenture is therefore constantly looking for "full-stack developers who develop complete systems with customers in short cycles."

Demanding applicants

His colleague Yalda Shojai is a recruiting manager at Accenture. For them, the consequences of the current situation on the IT job market are clear: “We have to adjust to what the candidates want. The demands have increased, the compatibility of work and private life is very important. "

Shojai usually experiences applicants as self-confident. Many have international experience. "The social skills of the graduates have improved, something has changed at many universities," says Malinowski. However, he notes that “there are fewer people who can really code.” Instead, he often hears computer science graduates wanting to work strategically.

Speed ​​hiring

With the so-called Accenture Auditions, interested parties can go through a multi-stage recruiting process directly at the trade fair stand during a career or trade fair. In the openly designed reception area, candidates first speak to recruiters and can have documents they bring with them digitally recorded. Step two leads to the meeting zone. Here a recruiter goes through the candidate's résumé and asks about their goals. If there is mutual interest, a short training course follows in the coaching zone: actors or dramaturges prepare applicants for self-presentation.