How many virtues are there

Christian virtues

The fundamental virtues, which are also referred to as cardinal virtues from the Latin word "cardo" (door hinge, pivot point), have been valid since ancient times:

  • wisdom
  • justice
  • bravery
  • moderation

They are supplemented by the so-called "Divine Virtues" which the Apostle Paul mentions in his letter to the Corinthians (1 Cor 13:13).

Life in abundance

man is to be set free for himself so that he can grow to that greatness that comes to him from God. He should find his inner peace and his deep zest for life. To do this, it must be released from external and internal blockages. He is gradually led beyond himself. In this way - psychologically speaking - he can slowly be detached from the superego structures in his human ego, through which id (unconscious, instinctual world, shadow world) are led (baptism) and "rise" to his deified ego.

The shadow world must also be redeemed by him, of whom it is said: descended into the realm of death. It is the path of man from his small, inner-worldly self to a larger, deified self. But this has nothing to do with performance, but is the fruit of an inner connection and surrendering to oneself in serenity. It happens to a certain extent by itself and is the fruit of a deep trust called faith.

Source: Finster, Prettenhofer: CHRISTENTUM. An inventory (Subject area_07 Commandments | Ethics | Conscience)