What are some famous restaurants in Pakistan

Company names for Pakistani restaurants


Company name


1.Kashmir Meating Point

Since the Pakistani cuisine is meat-rich, this clever name is ideal thanks to the play on words with "Meet" and "Meat" to make your hearty meat dishes known. The addition of a Pakistani region like Kashmir to the name creates the regional reference.


Naan bread is a culinary classic in Pakistan and can be served as a side dish as well as a starter and main course. With this original name, which is made up of “Pakistan” and “Naan bread”, your restaurant can be optimally positioned.

3.Kebab meets Kulfi

With this wonderfully alliterative name, your guests will have their mouth watering, as they show diversity and describe two highlights of Pakistani cuisine: the famous kebab skewers and the frozen dessert Kulfi.

4.The Pak B.B.Q. Grill restaurant

Pakistani people love meat and barbecuing is even more popular. So it makes sense to spoil your guests with your traditional grill specialties. This elegant name is therefore ideally suited to market your grill restaurant.

5.PakiSamosa Lounge

Samosas are one of the most popular dishes in Pakistan and with this clever restaurant name you take that fact into account. In addition, the name combination of “Pakistan” and “Samosa” sounds good and is easy to remember.

6.Biryani Bistro

Biryani is a popular rice dish in Pakistan that is often served with chicken. This short but concise name is ideal if you specialize in this dish in your bistro.

7.Restaurant Dastarkhan - Authentic Pakistan

In Pakistan, food is traditionally spread out on a mat called a dastarkhan on the floor. If you want to inspire guests in your restaurant with authenticity, then this name is perfect.


Due to the myriad of culinary influences, this sophisticated name is perfect for modern restaurants where chefs combine traditional Pakistani dishes with spices and ingredients from other cultures.

9.Chaat street food

Food plays an important role in Pakistan and street food is sold in many places. These snacks are called "chaat". If you want to cultivate this offering in your restaurant or takeout, you should use this name.

10.Tandoori tradition

Although tandoori originally comes from India, it is impossible to imagine Pakistani cuisine without it as a method of preparation in the oven and as a spice mixture. Hence this name is ideal for marketing your traditional tandoori dishes.