What's the Best Free Email Program

E-mail programs for Windows

Microsoft's email client

Make the look of your emails more fun

Access to your Yahoo email account

Opera email client

Free program that can compete with Outlook

A complete and modern email manager

One of the best programs for sending bulk mail

Receive all of your email in a single client

Free e-mail client with many features

Save all of your email

Email client to increase productivity

Sending mass mails

Email client compatible with Gmail, iCloud and Outlook

A great tool to get email notifications

Use your Hotmail accounts right from Outlook

Simply collect email addresses

Easily manage your inbox

Customize your emails with templates

An alternative to traditional email clients

Plan your everyday life and stay in touch

Reliable email client

Gmail on your desktop

A mail manager with many options

An email manager that will be with you wherever you go

Send mass mails with Microsoft Outlook

Improve the organization of your emails, contacts and communication

Quickly checks all of your email accounts

An excellent application for sending emails to groups

Get rid of the SPAM in your inbox once and for all

Email notifier with lots of extras

An open source and extensible email client

E-mail and programs on one interface

Name email accounts and folders in Outlook

A quick way to email lots of people

The fastest way to know if you have webmail

A mandatory download for sending bulk emails

Manage all of your accounts from the same application

Program for managing e-mails and projects

Monitoring of email servers

The easiest way to be informed about incoming e-mails