Why are Americans so unhealthy

The green revolution is rolling in Huntington, West Virginia, instigated by Jamie Oliver. As part of a TV series, the British chef wants to encourage Americans to eat lettuce and vegetables instead of burgers. He chose the city of Huntington, of all places, which is considered the most unhealthy place in the United States. Sherri Shaw works there in the Hillbilly Hotdogs fast food restaurant, which is known for its huge portions.

Southgerman newspaper: Congratulations, Mrs. Shaw. After four years, you broke your home wrecker record. This hot dog, which weighs 1.5 kilos and is almost 40 centimeters long, took a guest from Atlanta just 3.45 minutes.

Sherri Shaw: Well, the home wrecker is very popular. There is also something on it: mountains of coleslaw, jalapenos, cheese, onions and, of course, the sausage that weighs a pound. Anyone who can do it in less than twelve minutes will get a t-shirt. Most fail.

SZ: Huntington is considered the most unhealthy city in America, half of the people are overweight. Couldn't that also have something to do with such eating habits?

Shaw: I think that's a prejudice. In any case, I don't see any of the super fat guys who are always mentioned. But there is this government study, according to which everything is supposed to be so bad here. It is true that many eat too unhealthily, but it is not the case that everyone eats a home wrecker or giant burger every day.

SZ: Now even Jamie Oliver has come to Huntington's disease to show residents how to cook healthily.

Shaw: Many here were initially skeptical, some still are. After all these weeks he left on Monday. An Englishman comes to us with a camera team and makes fun of the fat Americans. Of course, nobody rolls out the red carpet. But in the end it was very different.

SZ: In what way?

Shaw: He wants to get people to eat healthier, that's not a bad thing at first. He cooked for my children at school and completely changed the menu in the canteen, which I think is good. And he showed the students how they can make healthy snacks for themselves. My daughter is absolutely delighted with him, she now only wants to eat chicken, spinach and salad. She doesn't really like my job anymore.