What is blockchain technology for laypeople

Learning Blockchain Technology: Overview of the Best Online Courses

Blockchain is one of the most exciting new technologiesthat will become possible with digitization. At most, artificial intelligence has a similarly high potential for disruption.

Some experts even think that the blockchain does that revolutionize the entire internet could.

What is it about? And how can you find out more about the Learn blockchain?

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What is the "blockchain"?

Blockchain technology is best known because the digital currency Bitcoin is based on it.

But what does "blockchain" mean exactly?

  • Blockchain technology enables a decentralized accounting system. That doesn't sound very exciting, but it does lead to interesting use cases.
  • Often the point is that one central authority through a decentralized blockchain system can be replaced. And that with the same reliability and at lower costs!
  • Instead of a bankthat monitors money transactions, there are those decentralized bitcointhat does not need a higher authority and still works in a forgery-proof manner.
  • Other example applications are real estate land registers and others central register for assets or documents.

While Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency (Payment tokens) is already very well known, most of the others stand Blockchain use cases are still at the very beginning (about Utility tokens and Asset tokens).

Reason enough to learn more about the technology behind it!

First introductory courses and YouTube tutorials

Who as a beginner one first overview on the subject of blockchain searches, with a little concentration you can get started with this YouTube lesson in German in about 20 minutes (from about 1:30 minute):

And especially for technological component the blockchain (e.g. HashValues), this animation gives a clear example.

Of course, YouTube videos cannot be more than a beginning. Various online courses therefore enable more comprehensive training.

For example there isfollowing courses for beginners:

  • In the well-known online course Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals, participants get one broad-based basic knowledge. The course at Udemy already had over 30,000 participants. Previous knowledge is not required.
  • The Full Cryptocurrency Course by a young Swedish lecturer is also intended for beginners. The first part of the course starts out step by step the basic technology for beginners explained. Here you learn the basics of public and private keys, bitcoin mining and other important concepts. After that, it is more specifically about buying and trading the tokens.
  • In German A basic blockchain course from openHPI is available. It explains technology and use cases for beginners.
  • The blockchain group of University of California, Berkeley allows access to theirBlockchain video lecturesas a MOOC series at edX (the individual courses can be taken free of charge).

Blockchain in a business context and smart contracts

  • Rutgers Business School's New Technologies course examines various tech trends and theirs Effects in the business environment. In week 5, the blockchain and its possibilities will be discussed. (The corresponding module can also be viewed separately.)
  • The Blockchain for Business course at Udemy also gives a brief all-round overview in German. Here is also a first introduction to Smart contracts, Ethereum and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) contain.
  • The open source blockchain platform Hyperledger is the focus of a course at edX. Above all, Hyperledger is intended to simplify the use of blockchain in companies and corporations.
  • The Programming of smart contracts This course explains about Ethereum and the programming language Solidity (for developers with previous knowledge). Another course fully focuses on that Development of DAPPs (Decentralized Apps) for Ethereum.
  • The specialized provider "Blockchain Training Alliance" also offers introductory courses ForBusiness professionals on (for example this one). Some of the face-to-face courses are also offered as live online seminars (via WebEx).

Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies)

  • A German-language introduction to Bitcoin as the most important blockchain application to date contains the Bitcoin basic course at LinkedIn Learning. (Note: A free trial month is available for most users.)
  • For users with no prior knowledge who would like to invest in Bitcoin yourself want, another German-language course at Udemy is also planned. Here the way to your first Bitcoin is explained step by step.
  • Special for programmers intended is the Bitcoin technology course at Princeton University. The course was at times one of the top 10 most popular MOOCs at Coursera. (The Princeton Lectures are also available on YouTube.)
  • Detailed instructions for the Investing in various cryptocurrencies includes the Cryptocurrency Investment Course at Udemy. This is where the Wallets as a wallet for Bitcoin and the buying and trading of crypto currencies.